a call to action

Update: double m surgery scheduled for 1.21.11

Update: the scans show the cancer HAS NOT spread! 12.30.10

Today is my birthday.  I am 34. 

That’s a lot of wishes comin’ my way.

It’s Pat’s birthday, too.  I’ve shared lots of birthdays with Pat, wandering up to Fort Worth during Christmas break in college and making myself at home in her living room.  Pat.  Need your house or dorm room packed up?  Need a list made?  Need someone to worry about something for you?  Call Pat.  She can, and will, do anything.  She is a lady on a mission.  Pat got me a panini maker for my wedding.  It wasn’t even on my list.  But, that’s Pat.  She just knows.

Last week, Pat was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

In regular ‘Pat’ fashion, she is hesitant to tell people… wondering who exactly needs to know.  Not wanting to bother folks who have their own battles to fight.  Trying to make sense of this incredible Life Shift. 

Driving home to Texas on Christmas night, lost on a Oklahoma highway at 2am, I thought a lot about Pat.  I thought about how much her daughter- my best friend- and, really, entire family mean to me.  How significantly they play in the background of my last 15 years. I thought about being so far away and not having something to ‘do.’ And then I came up with a plan.  It will not cure cancer, but it will lift spirits. It’s a small thing, but it’s a good thing.  I need your help.

I’m just wondering, TexasNorth neighborhood, if we might do a little good this week?  If we might send Pat some encouragement and laughs and heart?  If we might give her some unexpected company during the quiet times when there is no family around, no church dinners, no busy-ness to distract?  I wonder if you might grab some construction paper and have your kids draw her a birthday picture?  I wonder if you might buy an extra card the next time you’re at the grocery store?  I know you don’t know Pat, but I do.  I know that you will want to help me make her smile over these next few weeks and months of doctor’s visits, tests, and surgeries. 

Maybe you don’t have the words… and that’s just fine.  Hallmark makes good stuff.  Maybe you’re shy to send something to a stranger… that’s fine, too.  You mail it to me and I’ll add it to a care package I’m fixin’ up.  You all have your own stories, your own victories, your own faith that could be an incredible source of comfort.  Write a note or simply sign your name… it really doesn’t matter.  The cancer will be shocked by the effort.  Pat will be encouraged by strangers.  You will play a small part in a bigger story.  And, I will get my birthday wish.

I know you don’t need incentive, but I’ll give you some anyway: everyone who participates (and lets me know privately) will be entered in a drawing.  The winner of the random drawing will receive a celebration banner that reads “Hurray!” and a birthday crown fit for a prince or princess.  You can email me at [katiemulder AT gmail DOT com] to get either MY address (for the care package) or Pat’s direct address in Fort Worth. You will receive an entry for each thing you mail… so your card + your kiddo’s card = 2 entries. Maybe your bowling league wants in on the action.  Maybe your small group at church has an extra 5 minutes this coming week.  Bring it on. Anyone and everyone is eligible for the drawing, and, more importantly, I want Pat’s mailbox full.  FULL of love from people she does not know cheering her on in this marathon. 

I know you won’t let me down.

The drawing will be open until January 10, 2011.  Thanks, Folks.  We love you here at TexasNorth.


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9 responses to “a call to action

  • Sunday

    Goodness you are a good friend indeed. I will be sending something for sure. My mom had breast cancer and beat breast cancer! I will for sure be praying and sending! In the meantime show her those videos I posted on facebook. They will be sure to lift her spirits. I am pretty sure they have made everybody laugh that has seen them!!
    Love you dear friend and happy birthday!!!

  • jtp

    you’re awesome!!!!

  • annie

    Very inspiring post my dear and very creative thinking for someone in this position. Pat is fortunate to have you in her life! Happy birthday sweet thing.

  • LoLo

    Thanks! You’re the best! Bummed I didn’t get to see you on your bday, but so glad you and Steph got to hang out!

    I am cracking up at the choice of photo. My mom would freak out if she knew you picked the no makeup, no fixed hair, no accessories, no perfectly-put-together outfit photo for the blog. I on the other hand think it’s perfect!

    She met with all the surgeons today for bone scans, consults, etc. Not sure when any surgeries have been scheduled at this time.

    • texasnorth

      It IS a stinkin’ hilarious photo 🙂 I know she’d rather be in all her perfection, but I love this one.

      Glad you clarified the surgery thing- I was for some reason thinking everything started today.

      Super fun to hang out with Steph and Isaac Wednesday… I told her to hug you for me. Makes sure she does, ok?

  • Cathy

    Happy Birthday Katie!

  • estef

    tears. i’m in tears. thanks friend. Mom will be shocked to be the recipient of so much love and encouragement.

    i’m so glad we were able to see each other on your bday, chatting over kolaches and coke. i love you!!

  • Margie

    Great idea, Katie. I’ll drop our project pieces off at Lauren’s.

  • beckyswann

    I want to get on this! I will email you soon!

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