Happy Happy Day

Ry turned four right around Thanksgiving and I never got a chance to tell you…

that she sang “Happy Day” to herself all day (week?) long

that she got a riding helmet

that she blew out all her candles in one breath

that she weighs 32 pounds soaking wet and is 36+ inches tall

that she eats frosted mini-wheats every. morning. for breakfast

that she carries Little Baby (now held together with white duct tape) with her everywhere she goes

that she always puts her shoes on the correct feet

that she rarely finishes a meal, and by rarely I mean never

that she has unbelievable maternal tendencies

that she babbles and sings herself to sleep

that she is addicted to books

that she was an angel in this year’s children’s Christmas program and waved at us the whole time

that she still naps in the afternoon at least 3 times a week

that I made her a crown so she could be a princess on her birthday… and any other day

and I made one for you, too

Just say hello today in the comments and tell me about your most memorable birthday gift.  I’ll announce a winner on Monday. 

Happy Happy Day to you!


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21 responses to “Happy Happy Day

  • Cortney

    Hello Friend, It’s nice to have you back 🙂

    When I was 13, my parents gave me a silver charm bracelet. My mother had one in her jewelry box, filled with charms from her youth, and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Mine came with a “Happy Birthday” charm and another with the number 13. Since then, now more than 20 years later (how did that happen?), I’ve filled it completely with mementos of vacations, special occasions, inside jokes, and personal symbols. At one point, I had to buy a second bracelet to hold the charm overflow. Next to my wedding ring, it is the most precious piece of jewelry I own, and the only one that tells the story of my life so completely. All in all, a pretty fantastic birthday gift 😉

  • Mandi

    I love all the pictures and that sweet, sweet girl!

    I think one of my favorite birthday gifts was the massage chair Jeff gave me a few years ago. It wasn’t something I asked for or even ever imagined having, but it was so perfect, and I use it all the time!

  • Nancy Lee

    gosh…am I so old that I don’t remember presents…but I do remember having the most wonderful parties designed by my mom..she would invite the whole neighborhood and have games planned with prizes…I didn’t really care which siblings birthday it was cause it was fun for all…

  • Verna

    Two days after I turned 25, I got married! Great birthday!

  • janna

    man on man, those pictures are great. we’re missing you guys!! um, so i’m having a hard time coming up with birthday gifts. but my 16th birthday was memorable–a date with my dad that signified the beginning of my dating days. i think i’ll let aron do that when the girls are 29.

  • jtp

    by far it was my michael jackson doll I got when I turned 8!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Laura

    Engagement ring!

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    i went to the braves world series game when they won. BRAVES WIN BRAVES WIN BRAVES WIN!!!

  • Colene

    My most memorable gift is not exactly a favorite. When I was 10, my parents gave me a key – to our house. I *think* it was supposed to be symbolic of how they were extending this grownup responsibility. However, I was 10! First of all, that’s way too young and secondly, it was really a gift for them so they didn’t have to pay a babysitter.

  • madjeepgirl

    my most memorable gift?
    30th birthday. chris actually conspired with my WORK, who created a fake job complete with fake paperwork just for me, and I rolled in expecting attorneys NOT my friends and food.

    This was the first of two complete and utterly grand birthday surprises Christopher has pulled off. The second one I think I might have pooed myself. I consider them gifts because the effort & detail & sneakiness involved, and the people who showed up (my most favorite people of ever), mean the world to me. 😀

  • Bev Vanderwell

    When Anne was only 10 days old, I turned 26. I had been severely sleep-deprived, weepy, and rather disheveled for the entire time she was alive. On this birthday, Doug said, “Come with me.” He took me outside of the house (first time since Anne was born) to the mall, helped me figure out how to nurse discreetly in a semi-public place, played with Anne so I could try on clothes that fit my post-baby body for my birthday, took me to dinner, and more than that, made me feel loved, cared for, and beautiful, and that I had a wonderful gift of a husband and father to our child.

  • mc@knittwotogether

    Hello. That child is BEAUTIFUL!!! oh my goodness!

    Okay, for my 13th birthday, a knock at the door during my slumber party was a limo driver there as a surprise to take the whole party out for dessert! I don’t know, I had this thing about limos when I was a kid….

  • esteph

    a cheer bear care bear (the one with the rainbow on the belly) when i was 7 or 8. i took that bear everywhere i dreaded going (like the orthodontist or doctor) and things were always magically better.

    um…Aggies play LSU tomorrow in the Cotton Bowl…my household will be a battlefield between maroon and purple for a few hours. wish y’all could be here!

    Beat the Hell outa LSU! WHOOP!

  • Annie Mulder

    I have to say that I’m not a big birthday person, something about getting to choose to do whatever I want for a day always makes me depressed, but my favorite birthday surprise was last year. Right before I left for Seattle again, one of my friends called and invited me over. I didn’t want to go so I said no, but he insisted. It’s a good thing I didn’t skip it because he had baked me the most beautiful cake ever and all my friends were there to surprise me. With a birthday during the holidays, it often gets forgotten so having so many people think especially of me was incredibly wonderful and meaningful.

    Oh and I was supposed to pick a favorite gift: definitely the oven mitt I got this year. It has the state of Michigan on it!

  • ecky

    is it too late to join?
    hi dear friend!!!
    my favorite gift was the year my sister took me to my first ever concert when i was like 12..rick springfield!!! i was ecstatic. it was years later when i found out that the real reason she took me was because a friend backed out at the last minute. it was still one helluva birthday gift for this mega-fan!

  • Kelly B

    Howdy! Love that cutie pie crown!
    Best bday gift wasn’t really a gift but the one and only surprise party I’ve had. Dear friends threw it for me. It was a true surprise and such a gift.

  • Grace

    Welcome home, and Happy birthday, Ry!

    My best birthday gift was the engagement ring I got on my 21st birthday! I had NO IDEA it was coming!

  • annie

    so glad your little 4 year old got to be a princess with a real crown on her birthday!

    my mom planned a surprise party for me when i turned 21, i didn’t even think i liked surprises. It was my favorite birthday memory, so many people i loved and cherished young and old. They all wrote notes of wisdom and encouragement to me that i will keep forever and ever.

  • Margie

    How did I miss this? Happy Birthday to Rylie! Love the pigtails and crown, and am amazed that she blew out all her candles in just one breath. This is a feat yet to be accomplished at our house. If Rylie ever wants to visit, you can assure her she’ll have lots of Frosted Mini-Wheats to eat. That’s our favorite, too.

  • beckyswann

    Go Rylie! you are so loved! too late for the contest, I loved a baby doll I got when I was little, which now also has duct tape on it! Still have her, her name is Betsy, in case you are wondering

  • Chelsey

    You have a FOUR year old?

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