Guess how old my kids are?

 My hand to heaven, we go through 3 rolls of tp a day between a 4 year-old learning to wipe and a 10 month-old just plain having fun.  It all just sits on the counter… in a pile.  My daydreams often include the toilet paper roll reclaiming its rightful place, in tact, next to the potty.  Someday.

I could hear him playing in there and I tried to catch him, but he was gone like a shot when he heard me coming.  That kid has a wicked 2nd gear.

Gus Man would like to thank all of you for asking where he was during Ry’s special week.  And he would like to tell you that he was right there, as he always is, cheering her on.  He travelled and watched and sat in the background like a champ… all four days.  He’s too young to remember the 5 months of torture Ry went through for him at the beginning of his life, but he is falling into the Supportive Sibling Role well as Ry’s therapies move to a new level.  We think, somewhere deep down inside, he knows he owes us.  His personality is really so incredibly sweet.  And, funny.  And, loud. 

We now call him the Jolly Monster.   

He’ll be 1 (ONE) in 30 days. 

How’s that for unbelievable?

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26 responses to “um…

  • Susannah

    well at least i’m not the only one! depending on who our guests are, they either get the pile, the re-rolled roll that is never quite the same, or a fresh, never been defaced roll…

    and just think, in future, you may be able to refer to it as something other than a potty 😉

    • texasnorth

      It’s true! I always have to decide, based on who’s coming over, whether to re-roll or set out a new new one.

      And I laughed out loud about ‘potty’. I can’t even imagine having a conversation where I could use a grown up word!

      • Colene

        I was at a Kid Rock concert last week and I asked my friends if anyone needed to use the potty before the show started. Also, if I’m coming over – which I really need to do! – you needn’t re-roll or set out a new one.

  • Cathy

    A year old already? Mercy, where is the time going? Too funny on the tp though.

  • Colene

    I want to smooch his cheeks.

  • Mandi

    My youngest, who is at the tail end of the potty training adventure and who is now capable of going by himself, thinks it is necessary to unroll the entire roll. Every. Single. Time. But he is also thoughtful enough to throw the whole pile in the trash can, which sometimes I find in time to salvage and other times do not. I’ve stop trying to keep up with how many rolls we go through a day, but I am assuming that we will eventually get past this.

    I can’t believe Gideon is almost one! Wow!

  • Margie

    Wow- he is SO CUTE. Love seeing this bog boy picture of him.

    Just came across an old post of mine about tp woes – as in, All Over the Bathroom All the Time. We re-used it, too. If we didn’t, we would have been broke.

  • Grace

    He is so adorable! I think he looks just like you, Katie! Can’t believe he’s almost 1!

    I can remember putting the TP roll on top of the over-the-toilet counter in our bathroom. Sure, my son had to ask for paper when he needed it… but at least our toilet paper line item in our budget didn’t get overdrawn each month! 🙂

  • Tracy

    My son does this too! I used to keep “the pile” up on the vanity until the sneaky little guy discovered how to climb up on the potty lean over the vanity, turn the water on and shove the unrolled toilet paper in the sink. He said it feels COOL. So I now have a pretty little basket sitting next to the toilet with all the unrolled paper in it!

  • jtp

    i think the next great mom invention is the tp saver…. easy for adults, difficult for toddlers….hmmmm, maybe I will think on that invention! He looks like a little man in his picture- love it!

  • elly

    wow… when will you head this way… i’d love to squeeze those cheeks in person. what a muffin. summer in CO is divine…??? xo

  • Miss Laura

    Wow, looks like our cat has been in your bathroom! As far as re-using…I so WANT to, but need to remind myself of where the cat’s paws have been during his own potty-related adventures, and force myself to just throw it away. *sigh* You’re Welcome, Costco shareholders.

    And…ONE? Yikes. I think this calls for another Cherry Limeade.

  • Thya

    He is an absolutely-adorable-looks like he’s looking for trouble-Jolly Monster!

  • kateohkatie

    Sorry, hate to tell you this – but Gus is a newborn. Yep. Pretty sure. BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY IT WAS A YEAR AGO that we had the name-guessing contest, and then the worry over his wee little feet, and then all the supercute baby photos and nommable cheeks.

    Nope, I’m pretty sure that was last week.

  • Trish

    My stomach did a little twisty thing when you said he’s going to be one next month– it really doesn’t seem possible, even though Liam just hit 9 months last weekend. Why are our babies growing up at warp speed?! I remember it taking foooorrrrreeeeevvvveeeerrrrr to get from one birthday to the next, don’t you?

    I must be the only one who can’t relate to the tp thing. My girl meticulously counts out three squares for every “occasion.” No more, no less. Three. 🙂 Toothpaste, though? Her sink always looks like it’s made of lumpy pink porcelain, and it smells like bubblegum….

  • Grammie

    Gideon reminds me of his uncle way back when….all cheeks, give him a hug from Grammie. I miss them so much. Don’t know if I can wait for summer.

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