Show me your pantry.

Our Pat has chemo #1 of 6 today.  An update from Lauren can be found HERE.

One hundred million points and a silly surprise to the person who can correctly identify the object in these photos by Thursday:

close up (top) and full view (bottom)


I’m the first to admit to having a lot of room for growth in my life.  I am indeed an imperfect mother, wife, and friend.  That being said, it hurts my heart to confess I have been called out on one particular area more than once in our marriage.  It is a recurring battle.  A bruise that will not heal.  I am hoping you can help me.

Apparently, the snacks readily available in our house suck eggs.

[hangs head in shame]

Mulder usuals: string cheese, goldfish crackers, popcorn, oreos, chips and salsa.

I took the 2nd step (the first being admitting there is a problem) to correcting this problem by buying some appropriate goods to store things in (step 2: make a plan).  I hate having open boxes and smooshy bags in the pantry.  With a roaming 4 year-old, this is simply asking for trouble.  And, time-out.  These lovelies by Snapware are made in the USA and BPA free.  You can fit your whole hand inside if necessary, and the lid pops up but STAYS ATTACHED.  There’s even a glass option.  Mercy.  Somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good.

I bought 3… 2 large and one small.  They are filled with chex mix and nilla wafers at the moment.  I stand before you a woman ready to be taught (step 3: openess) in the ways of snacking.  What are the cool snacks?  What should always be available?

I need to start practicing buying these things (step 4: action).  I want to be the ‘cool house.’  I want to be the house where kids come over knowing there’s rockin’ treats in the pantry.  Goodness knows, my kids will be on Opra’s cable network for plenty of other legitimate reasons involving their upbringing.  We need not add “Poor Snacks” to the list.

Teach me. I ready.  What’s in your pantry?  

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks!  We love you here at TexasNorth!


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32 responses to “Show me your pantry.

  • Amy

    We have tings (imitation cheetos made with nutritional yeast instead of cheese. Sounds gross but SO SO GOOD!!!)
    also chips/salsa, granola bars, crackers and hummus and guac, newman mint o’s, cheddar bunnies, seaweed rice cakes (again, sounds gross but yummy), and roasted root chips.

    We have to keep lots of snacks. Hungry 5 year old and hungry almost 3 year old….we got through lots. Thanks for the tips on the jars….will have to get those for snacks and for dried bulk herbs. Can ya order them by the case?!!

  • Jim

    Thanks for the update.

    We use those jars for flour, and other bulk stuff both home and North.
    Wheel bearings on the tractor front tire?

  • Pap

    I can I can let me …..

  • Amy B.

    I don’t think we generally have very cool snacks around either, so I’ll be interested to see what your other readers suggest.

    We bought our Snapware in Korea of all places (but probably at Costco) and I’ve never seen it here!

  • Susannah

    those sound like awesome snacks! i’m coming over… we’re not too creative in the snack department here. cookies. sometimes homemade. mix of dried fruit- raisins, craisins, apricots. but perhaps if i had some pretty jars, i would be more creative…

    and i’m going with bearings too. but i’m guessing washing machine. and i’m wondering what on earth you did to the poor thing?!?

  • Kelly B

    Looks like an old skateboard wheel to me.

    • Kelly B

      Oh and snacks include garden salsa sun chips, plain potato chips, granola bars with either pb or choc. chips, fruit, trail mix. That’s for the grown-ups. Midge isn’t old enough for snack but when I babysit for my brother 4 kids I always has individual cups of applesauce, peaches, pudding, and yogurt. They love that stuff, and having their own portion made them feel special. I know it’s more expensive and I personally don’t like the waste but they’re relatively healthy and they’re a hit. When I was on-line grocery shopping at Meijer (which I highly recommend) I saw brown-sugar cinnamon mini bagels and I thought that would be cute for a kid.

  • Jessica

    your pantry is almost identical to ours. I mean we usually have “cereal bars” instead of oreos so your is probably cooler. We do like the “bunnies” alot but I guess those are the same as goldfish. Have you ever heard of Pirate’s Booty? Sounds funny but is something my kids love and even comes in a veggie option.

  • Miss Laura

    Definitely some kind of bearing. I’m guessing garbage disposal.

    I too am a massive failure in the snack department. I just try not to keep that stuff around, because I’ll eat it all. And that’s not going to make anyone happy.

    Things we like and always buy but never seem to eat: baby carrots, roma tomatoes, cucumbers (all of the above to be dipped in hummus)

    Foolproof: Beef jerky, tortilla chips, Edy’s fruit bars, bananas, clementines

    Too dangerous to even think about: cookies, candy, granola bars, granola, any sort of baked goods whatsoever.

    So not helpful. I’m sorry. But hey, the support group meets on Monday nights at 7 at the local Baptist church.

  • Chad

    I was going to guess wheel bearings as well.

    Although, in my experience, they tend to work better if they are, in fact, smooth and round, and have not been reduced to twisted metal shavings.

    Whatever it is, it’s broken. No charge for that diagnosis.

  • Nancy Lee

    I was totally going to be the first to say brake shoes…lol although I have no idea what one really looks like…

    Sorry this household doesn’t snack…weird huh…I do have popcorn and chips for the 19 year old, but they usually go stale before they can be consumed… he’s not a snacker either…every so often I feel guilty and make some cupcakes (usually for a birthday) or cookies for no reason.. Keeping them fresh isn’t a problem as they are gone as soon as cool…

  • Renee

    We do peanut butter crackers, fruit bars, granola bars, trail mix, cookies, crackers, cereal, nuts, raisins, whatever is small, can be divided and is on sale. You probably control the consumption at this point but we went to dividing packages into small snack size ziplock baggies. When they ask or when it is designated snack time, they can choose one baggie for their snack time. You could save and reuse baggies to not waste. Things I baked for snack even go in the baggies because they are portioned correctly. Kind of time consuming but so much easier on portion control and you can just throw a variety in your diaper bag or backpack when you are running out the door.

  • Cortney

    Dude, your snacks sound good to me. In our marriage if you whine about the snack selection I point you in the direction of the grocery store….which, admittedly, usually backfires, as Matt comes home with $30 worth of junk and destroys my grocery budget for the week. But still…

    Matt would eat his weight in Chips and Salsa on a daily basis, so I have to work to stretch that out a bit. Crackers (Goldfish or Cheezits, Triscuts) and homemade pimento cheese are big hits. I like the Asian-y rice crackers and wasabi peas combo they sell in bulk at one of our stores, and M will usually leave that just for me. Almonds and cashews, popcorn, olives and pickles, and pepperoni and a good hard snacking cheese are almost always on hand as well. I can and have eaten popcorn for dinner on many occasions, but then, you knew that (we are kindred spirits that way). A bag of chips is a huge splurge for me, I don’t do it often and if I want more than a few bites, I literally have to HIDE it behind boring things in the pantry. And, of course, when we go visit my Grandmother in Chattanooga, we have to stop at the Little Debbie Outlet store (the factory is just a few miles from her house). I took my pregnant butt in there last week and came home with 7 boxes of super-fresh treats for about $5. Healthy? no, definitely not. But delicious and nostalgic? Absolutely.

  • Mandi

    Our snack situation is deplorable. We are definitely NOT the “cool” house. I usually just have cereal bars, yogurt, fruit and, occasionally, crackers and hummus. I like the idea of keeping everything nicely displayed and contained in those jars, and will keep them in mind for when our house is finished.

    I think your mystery item is some sort of wheel bearing, as well, but couldn’t even begin to guess anything about it beyond that.

  • jtp

    you are so funny- the snacks at your house sound awesome!!! Do your kids eat cliff bars for kids? honey graham is a huge fav around here for me and wdp. also annie’s organic gummy snacks… funny, i see you as the homemade only snack kind of girl- I’m surprised you buy oreos, yet the fact that you want glass snack containers make up for it 🙂 my new personal fav although it takes a little effort- graham crakser with peanut butter and marshmellow fluff…just check how tight my pants have become to see if i’ve been eating this a lot….

  • NC

    okay apparently I am way off, cause they look like those things under the burner on the stove to me. 🙂
    Your snacks sound good to me that is almost exactly the options we have at the crain household. Sometimes carrots and apples.

  • shanna

    our family is “primal/paleo” mainly (low carb-ish), so we have very little in the way of grain items, though i did just buy some cereal bars, which are being consumed at an alarming rate. Always on hand for snacks:

    curried cashews
    fresh berries
    hummus with green veggies
    sharp cheddar cheese
    peanut butter (on a spoon, with a dash of nutella)
    homemade sunflower/seasme crackers (crazy easy!)
    apples and bananas
    cherry tomatoes
    frozen banana slices (feels like you’re eating ice cream)

  • star

    Pirate booty, granola bars, individual applesauce, string cheese, quaker quakes are musts at our house!

  • mc

    I have no clue on the quiz photo, so I’m not going to try. That’s a good attitude, right?

    Anyway, onto snacks! I think your pantry sounds well-stocked, but here are some things in my pantry in the snack department right now and usually:
    fig newmans (barbara’s bakery also makes a raspberry fig newton that’s yummy)
    graham crackers
    peanut butter
    Vinta crackers by Dare, red box. OMG- these are the BEST CRACKERS IN THE WORLD!!!!

    Here are a couple of things that are fun to put together for snacks:
    Vinta crackers, cream cheese, smoked salmon, with alfalfa sprouts
    Nilla wafer, banan slice, whipped cream, a chocolate chip (we call these “penny pies” cause my mom, Penny, invented them)
    diced Avocadoes on a slice of cheddar
    grapefruit half with honey and toasted pecans
    fresh pineapple dipped in greek yogurt with brown sugar sprinkled- ooh so good.

  • Tricia

    It looks like an old pedal car wheel, based on what I’ve seen of my father-in-law’s collection.

    We also suck in the snack department. When I’m feeling thin rich and beautiful, I’ll buy Oreos, Nacho Cheese Doritos and Heath Klondike bars. Raisins mixed with a small handful of chocolate chips also makes a fun snack…..

  • annie

    man, girl, you get a lot of commens so i can’t tell if this has been guessed already, ok ok i’m lazy.
    i guess a grinder head…..looks like mine in the studio at least.

    in my pantry……we took our pantry out to open up our kitchen, best and saddest decision ever. because we love seeing everyone from the kitchen, but have no pantry.
    but we always have pretzels, hummus, pita and carrots on hand for snacks…..chickpeas are a real staple around here lately too……yes, my husband probably thinks our snacks bite too.

  • Sunday

    i am horrible about snacks too! i want healthy but still taste good. I have no idea what that is up there!

  • Kim Aguilar

    We don’t snack during the day. I don’t buy snacks, aside from the occasional bag of Tostitos scoops, which I like to make into nachos for dinner, and Jose likes for breakfast with eggs. Clark used to tank up on fruit snacks (gross) but lately he doesn’t care about them. Same for fruit roll ups. Jose likes granola bars, but I see them as a calorie pit from which there is no return so I rarely buy them. Mostly, we just eat at meal times…and therein lies the rub. We LOVE fast food. It’s truly terrible, for our budget and our waistlines. And we love to have desserts at night after Clark goes to bed. Which could be anything. Cookies, brownies, ice cream, cream puffs, candy. Whatever. As long as it’s sweet and fattening. So. There you have it. The Aguilar Downfalls. Therefore, this year I have decided to reach a major weight loss goal. Question: Does this mean I have to buy goldfish crackers now?

  • Cortney

    This post is timely! Thanks to the fact that I’m a facebook fan of Little Debbie (yes, yes, I know), I learned today that it’s National Snack Food Month!

  • ecky

    pirate booty is kiddie crack! they can’t get enough of it.
    we also like hummus, dried fruit (currently hazel loves prunes – go figure)
    rice cakes – the mini quaker ones come in yummy flavors
    clementine oranges
    annies bunny crackers

    and that picture is some kind of wheel bearing…maybe part of the cogs and wheels in that crazy big creative brain of yours.

  • Margie

    We have boring snacks – chips, salsa, granola bars – but wish we could be like Shanna and go low carb’ish. But my husband would probably have none of it, even though he’d have less of something else (meaning: weight). Interesting reading here.

  • carrie

    chips and salsa for sure – and i’ve started canning my own. i’ve found that half-pint wide mouth jars are the perfect size or else we eat Far too many chips in one sitting.
    and speaking of canning jars, i found a few boxes of old blue jars that i use for dry-good storage like dried fruit (apricots, dates, cherries, cranberries) and nuts (pecans, almonds, walnuts) and chocolate chips, among other things (dry beans, small pastas, etc) and have them on an open shelf to view. not only are they purty (imho) they get rid of that smooshy bag factor and avoid bpa questions too! i found one-piece plastic at ACE.
    i’ve learned to make our own granola bars – so i know exactly what’s in them, as well as granola (in summer) and instant-oatmeal mix (in winter).
    unfortunately though, the random baked goods and box of punchkies go much faster than the dried fruit or nut snacks. 😦

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