an introduction

If you’re reading in bloglines or google reader, you are not seeing the incredible mistake transformation of the blog that happened Tuesday-into-Wednesday when I hit ‘activate’ instead of ‘preview.’  Click on out of your reader and take a peek.  I’m rather smitten with the smudgy, rustic-ish-ness of the whole thing.  I’ve also updated the ‘about’ page photos and ‘the herd’ photos, if you’re into that sort of thing.

As things get tidy-ed up around here, please ignore any old posts that pop up as UPDATED in your readers.  They are simply being re-categorized.  There is usually a preference you can select in your reader that will not show you re-edits of the same post once it’s been published.  That’s a good thing to befriend if you are a regular reader of mine.  I’ve been known to fix spelling and spacing throughout the day.  Welcome to my brain.


On Ry’s 2nd Christmas, the littlest Mulder cousins received their first Corolle doll from Gramma and Grandpa.  Ry’s was able to get wet, which completely blew her little hilarious mind.  For the first year, Baby (as she is known) was simply a guest in our home.  No big thing.  Ry had no serious attachment to pacifiers, blankets, babies, or other random items except a spatula (which is a much longer story). 

I’m not sure when the planets shifted, but there came a day about a year after Baby’s initial arrival that rendered her an integral part of our family.  I now have a daughter who cannot eat, sleep, ride in the car, or even walk without Baby attached to her. 

Because of Baby’s special bath time ‘skin,’ she in un-mendable.  Six months ago, Baby was injured in a freak chicken accident (which is bound to happen here at TexasNorth) and was stitched up.  Later, the stitches pulled away from the non-cotton fabric and Baby began to lose stuffing.  This caused a sympathetic reaction resulting in 2.7 hours of crying.  Once I calmed down, I assured Rylie I. Could. Fix. This. I re-stuffed Baby and, in a flash of brilliance, I duct-taped her.  Three days later, her leg suffered some wear and tear as well and was brought to the craft table for some therapy.  Ry loves the tape, and her relationship with Baby has not diminished with Baby’s ailments.  I would say, in fact, it has only made the two of them closer.

I’m happy to say Baby and Mamma Rylie are fine right now.  Gramma Kate is thrilled with the role Baby has blessed Mamma Rylie with: Obsessive Caretaker Extraordinaire.  Baby is fed, changed, and timed-out regularly.  Baby attends her very own speech therapy and does the occasional fine motor exercises.  Baby swings, rides in old car seats, and uses the potty regularly.  It is because of Baby, I say with not a little sincerity, that Gideon is alive and relatively unharmed today.

Thank you, Baby.  We love you.

You are welcome in our family.

Do you have a non-taxable family member?


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10 responses to “an introduction

  • Jessica

    So sweet! We have a few. Rylie Jayne needs to have at least three “students” in her classroom. So Dog, Dolphin, and Teddy are constant compainions. They even get to wear Rylie’s clothes….. lucky “kids”

  • mvstephenson

    My husband calls the white duct tape, the fancy tape! I’m glad Baby was special enough to deserve the fancy tape, and that Gideon has remained unharmed thanks to Baby! She is very special!

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    love the new look! what a sweet story about rylie. My girls don’t have too many attachments besides their thumbs. BellaRose likes her blanket but it just stays home and she is not real obsessed with it. Hollings has nothing yet, we will see.

  • Mandi

    I love Baby! Friends like that are rare and very special! Ruth never was attached to any of her plastic or stuffed friends, which secretly disappointed me. But she did have an imaginary sister (Kali) who went everywhere with us and shared many secrets with Ruth. Weston had Snuggie (part horse, part blanket–who was worn as a scarf or head covering during sleeping times) and a boy baseball player doll also called Baby. These friends were literally dragged all over the world and are still loved today–though there is no desperate panic now if they go missing for a couple of days. And Max has Charlie Beetle, a very special little monkey, who has the power to make two grown-ups crawl around on hands and knees, looking under every piece of furniture all over the house if he goes missing at bedtime! Each of these friends has had a special place in our family, and I have been thankful for them and amused by them so many times!

  • beckyswann

    Ellen changes her mind like the wind on her attachments, All the old ones get thrown to the end of the bed, I feel sorry for those guys, and the number 1 of the day (which this week has been her glow worm) Get’s the primo spot of in her arms, while all the sad animals of yesterday stare longingly at her from the end of her bed, but they are never allowed in the number one spot while the glow worm is there.
    This article made me laugh..alot!

  • Nancy Lee

    Our second daughter had two imaginary friends. Didock and Didry (they were too young to tell us how to spell their names, so these are phonetic spellings!) They went everywhere Kristin went..and were responsible for getting her into lots of trouble at times…they were very naughty little girls…

  • madjeepgirl

    our cat might as well get to vote on major family decisions. chris frets when we have to leave her home alone, and if she weren’t so particular about humans (and car rides) we’d probably tote her around in one of those baby backpack deals. which would be hilarious because then she could finally LITERALLY look down upon us all with the disgusted glare she’s perfected.

  • LoLo

    Amelia has tons of animals, babies, blankies, etc., all of which have the name Baby. This proves to be difficult at night when she is hysterically crying out for “Baby” and persistently yelling at you “NO, not that one!”

    Grant has a brown bear named Hush-a-bye and 2 Reville dogs. At night he performs his stuffed animal placement ritual by placing a Reville on each side of him to function as guard dogs and then slides under the covers in between and holds Hush-a-bye. This ritual is very lengthy and don’t even try to help or make suggestions on how to speed it up.

  • Callie

    We have Shiny Puppy and Callie the Seal here. Shiny Puppy is, well, shiny. He belongs to my 6 year old stepson. It is his main companion. The middle child, who is 8, has a white seal from Sea World that eats breakfast with her every morning she is here. She named her Callie. Yes, I’m honored but it is confusing. ha ha.

  • esteph

    Poochie…it’s definitely Poochie. A stuffed brown lab (he and Abe could be friends). But there is also Ferdinand, Moosey-Moosey, Hush-A-Bye (like Grant’s but white), Pluto, Georgie, Alligator, Lion, and Little Puppy. Seriously, Isaac LOVES all his friends, thus making nap and bedtime a bit of a show.

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