twist and shout

My home country, Tejas, is known to throw a tornado or two in the April mix of things. Michigan, on the other hand… who knew?!  Way to be crazy last night (Tuesday)!  Thank you to the sirens that sounded in town AFTER the hail and storm had passed. My tax dollars at work.  Amen.  And to our friends down south in AL, MS, GA and further… our prayers are with you as you restore.

Internet in my neck of the woods is down.  Forgive my lack of email-response these next couple of days. How this post even published is a mystery to me.  For today, I’ll give you a quick story and some beauty:

Two years ago, The Boy came home with 6 very sad screens from our very sad rental house. I, being the ambassador for loving the un-lovable of old furnishings, was smitten immediately.  They were gorgeous.  Before he had even stepped out of the truck I yelled, “CAN I HAVE THOSE?!”   He said, “No. No you may not.  I have to fix them and take them back. THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU.”  But this weekend, they were still sitting in the back of the pole barn, still gorgeous blue, still un-mended. 

I decided to take action.

Years ago I was gifted a gorgeous bread towel from a dear friend… it was her grandmother’s and, while of no use to her today, she couldn’t just take it to Goodwill.   I considered framing it with barn wood behind glass, but it seemed so expensive and a bit –much- for such a simple piece. [It says, “Remember the MILLER when you Eat your Bread” – I know, right?  LOVE.]

I gently washed and starched the towel.  Then, taking some brown embroidery thread, I attached it to the framed-screen using 7 simple x’s.  Easily undone should another option come available, simple and rustic for the time-being.

I hung it, without permission, above the bed his father made for us.  I think it’s just absolutely perfect.

If I told you summer through a metal screen is my favorite smell, would you understand?  Or would you shake your head in wonder? DOUBLE high-five if we’re speaking the same language.


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14 responses to “twist and shout

  • Amy

    Mmm. i can smell it now. Summer rain through a metal screen. 😉
    And I love the towel and the way it is hung. Seems perfect.

  • Mandi

    So, so awesome–you, this towel, the screen and that smell! Just awesome!

  • Amy L

    Love the artwork!
    My favorite summer smell: rain

  • Cortney


    I’m teaching class, mid-sized class, about 16 people. I wasn’t really paying attention to their conversation, until one girl said, AND I QOUTE, “I can’t STAND the smell of *outside*!” And my brain was all, Whaaaaat????

    Another agreed with her. Like, I-won’t-roll-my-car-windows-down-to-drive-in-the-summertime hate. One was a principal and said she hated it when a kid came into her office fresh from playing outside, and you could just smell that mix of sweat and sun and grass.

    Ladies, these are two of my favorite things IN THE WORLD. If it weren’t for heat/cold and allergies I would sleep with the windows open ALL THE TIME.

    Clearly, these gals and I are not kindred spirits. In fact, I had no idea people like this existed. My mind, she was blown. And I SWEAR, I thought of you. 😉

  • shanda

    Double high five.
    I like it that you encourage story telling in your comments. Here is mine.

    I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister. Though we spent many hours changing the room around, my bed ALWAYS had to go in the corner. Why? Love the corner and I was always by the window.
    I spent hours and hours laying in bed, gazing out the window and smelling the outside during the warmer weather. I also tried to cram my whole face against the screen during those crazy humid nights when my nightgown stuck to my body because it was screaming hot in the room!
    Sadly, the windows aren’t open much here. Safety reasons at night prevent us (my husband) from having the windows open. Thanks for the memories. I’ll be thinking about screens and summer all day.

  • HopefulLeigh

    We’re definitely speaking the same language! What a wonderful way to highlight that tea towel.

  • amanda {the habit of being}

    double high five! i know that scent all too well. and i love your repurposed screen, the little brown x’s are perfection.

  • Kim Aguilar

    The screen smell is heaven. Love you.

  • Julie Lenger

    Double High Five for this girl. And a giant “WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA” for the screen and towel. I think that there is a spiritual gift that was somehow left out – the one that is “re-purposing”. A sheet for a curtain – a blanket for a strapless dress – a screen for a frame.
    Love. You inspire me. Yummy.

  • juliemooreonlife

    Yep I know exactly what your talking bout. When I was small we didn’t have air condition but an attic fan. We opened the windows and front door and in came the fresh night air through the screens. Loved it and don’t smell it much these days. Think I’ll open my windows.

  • Pattyann

    totally know that smell. Loved your writing today.

  • Lia

    I know the Smell… We live with the windows open all summer… For lots of the same reasons, I also don’t ecercise with headphones on outside or walk around in The grass with shoes on after mowing the lawn.

  • Rebecca

    Summer through a screen is such a Katie-ism to me. I think of the little house at camp and sitting out in the driveway in chairs talking late at night under the stars. I so clearly remember the first time you said this to me and think of you EVERY summer when I smell that smell. 🙂

  • Megan at SortaCrunchy

    Just now seeing this (behind on reading, always) and I have to say YES OH YES OH YES. Summer through a screen. Absolutely! We have the most amazing screen door to our back porch and it slams so satisfyingly.

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