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Tomorrow, Ry and I will embark upon our mother-daughter journey to St. Louis. She’ll continue on from there with my parents to Texas for the month and I will return, by train, late Sunday night. 

You’re already praying, right?  By all means, please.  Continue.  For safety, for sanity, for layovers, for health, for friendly neighbors on the train, for Gus & Curt’s solo weekend, for all of it.  We’re all ridiculously excited.  Capital E. 

Currently, I’m in the throes of packing a 4 year-old for a trip.  Entertainment for the train, undies, shorts, and more undies.  Riding helmet, swim suit, life jacket and more undies.  Lots of undies.

Let’s play a game, shall we? 

Here is Rylie’s money jar, up against my boot for reference.  The money measures (roughly) 5 inches high by 5 inches wide.  I can’t tell you what it weighs because I threw away our scale when I was pregnant with 50 pounds of Gus and never looked back. We’re taking the jar to the bank today so Peanut has some spending cash in Tejas.  Everyone needs some pizza money, I always say.

[Actually, as per history and our desire to practice spend some • save some • give some, 25% of the total will be donated to a tornado relief charity for Missouri, 10% will go back into her jar, and the rest will be pizza money.]


Closest wins a souvenir from our trip on the train! Winner will be announced TUESDAY, so that I may collect myself on Monday. And go to Target.

We love you here at TexasNorth!


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30 responses to “fun and games

  • Cathy

    Oh Ry is going to have the time of her life! I’m just going to take a wild guess, $101.50.

  • Aunt Ron

    23.80.. Have a safe trip, can’t wait to see youns in July…

  • Kate

    I won’t enter the contest part since I’ve won one of your lovelies before, but I just had to say – I didn’t know we had the same boots (or have we talked about that before?). I love mine – those Ariats are just about the most comfy things I’ve ever put on my feet. So wonderful!

    • texasnorth

      They are THE best boots ever. I love them! Someday, when we meet in St. Louis and go yarn shopping, we’ll have to sport our matching boots 🙂

  • Miss Laura

    That’s a lot of quarters…$27.19

    Holy cow, I’m so excited! For the train ride (puh-leese!) and Rylie getting to spend so long playing in the dirt with the grandparents? Sounds fantastic.

  • Carin

    Amy told me about Rylie’s great journey and stop in Chicago–I was wondering if you have any other relatives that want to take a kid or two for a month because that is a SWEET arrangement.
    My guess is ……. $87.69 and I would like an Amtrak t-shirt. Thanks.
    By the way, my sis is going to be in GR for a week in August–and of course, I will be there all summer so can we book a night at the farm–we’ll bring the hot dogs and marshmallows–hopefully my children will behave this year…

    • texasnorth

      Get you and your kids out here immediately. And remind them that I have AWESOME desserts so DO NOT lose your priviliges earlier in the day!!!

  • Jessica

    oh wow the adventure begins. Sweet Rylie. Sweet mama. Its going to be great.

    hmmmm, let say 38.34…

  • susannah

    wow! is it june already? hope that all goes wonderfully and that you two have a lovely trip together. and that your hormones behave themselves 😉 i was a messy mess when pregnant when it came to saying good-byes.

    and i’m guessing 42.61. it could be a little high, but i’m used to loonies and toonies in my change 😀

  • trace

    eighty six dollars even

    and thank you for choosing Missouri and rebuilding from the tornado. Did you know that was my hometown before Grand Rapids became home? Mom and Dad are thinking about going down week after next to hang out with the kids so my brother and his wife can help with the clean up. My heart is still aching.

  • Kim Aguilar

    I’ve been wondering when your big train trip was scheduled! How exciting. The undies part made me laugh. That’s what we call ’em around here and that’s what we do…pack lots and lots of undies. Praying for a successful journey. And I’m gonna give the guessing a whirl: $73.49 Love you!

  • Nancy Lee

    Does she know yet? And if so, will she sleep tonight? LOL

    I will guess $45.30 …

  • shanda

    Oooh, I love guess the coin game. I’m going for $48.19. Love the idea. Love that you are taking a trip. Prayers are given.

  • Tricia

    Hmmm… $34.86? Big hugs and prayers sent your way from Utah– for the new bambino, for Rylie’s trip, for the boys’ weekend without mommy….

  • amanda {the habit of being}

    hmmm…$43. and you know, i have those same exact boots – ariat, right?

    • texasnorth

      Ack! That makes three of us with those boots! We should be an everyday woman commercial for Ariat! Let’s get us some cute matching skirts and white peasant tops and hit the fair this summer.

  • Dana's 3 Texan wanna be's

    $392.47 🙂

  • Dana's 3 Texan wanna be's

    Yeesh, our bet is high, hopin for pizza for Ry, lots and lots of pizza!

  • Mandi

    We also always pack lots and lots of undies. Praying for a great trip for both of you.

    My coin guess (and I’m terrible at these kinds of things) is $45.63.

  • HopefulLeigh

    Have fun! $52.16 for the win…

  • Jim

    103.75 have a great trip. Ry will love the train, don’t lose her in the asle. GPs have fun. they grow up too fast.

  • esteph

    the train ride already happened. i hope all went well. ummmm, i’m gonna say 55.63.

  • ecky

    how bout $65?
    trains are fun!
    i’m sure you’ll have stories!!!! : )

  • Carley

    $37.38! Hope you had fun!

  • Kelly Buist

    Hope it was super awesome!

  • Kelly Buist

    My gut originally said $67.58 but the spacial relations part of my brain said $79.16.
    Little know fact: I dated a boy in high school who’s parents owned a whole bunch of newspaper boxes all over the city and he and I used to sit in his room (with the door open) and wrap and count change. Also, I worked in a coffee shop for 6 years and would have to split all the tips (which were mostly change) and the end of every night and then once a week I’d roll all my change and take it to the bank. It was usually quite a good haul. I’ve rolled a crazy ton of change in my life.

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