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Dear Gideon James,

It has been nearly 2 weeks since Rylie left for Texas.  It’s just been you and me at home, the first and maybe only time you will be an ‘only child’ in your life.  You are 15 months old, 25 pounds, and a handful of awesomeness by any measure.

Without Ry you are desperate for someone- anyone– to watch, chase after, pester, yell to, steal food from, and whap with your swords.  You are very much a younger brother and so much of your identity comes from your sister.  This, as a mom, has made me happier than you can possibly realize.

You’ve started walking… though the ladies at church say “you have a long way to go,” as if we’re bummed you wouldn’t win any land races this weekend.  You are an ADORABLE walker, with your arms hiked up to your belly and your self-congratulations. 

You’ve had your fourth double ear infection and ridiculous dosage of antibiotics which do not seem to help… which is un-awesome.  Next week we will meet with an ENT to decide if tubes are in your future. Knowing how sad you are when you have them… and how sad that makes the rest of the family… well, it’s an easy decision for this mamma.  (Mammas, jump in here- they aren’t a super big deal from what I can tell.  Yes? No?)

You’ve lost most of your hair.  During a particularly brutal dinner one night, the peanut butter won and your father decided it was time for a Summer Cut.  Ten minutes later, my Victorian Golden Haired Child was gone and a little rapscalian had taken his place.  I must confess, you are ridiculously handsome either way and I am overly proud that your head is perfectly shaped. 


Child, the tractor.  Lord help us all with your Tractor Infatuation.  You must see it, touch it, drive it every day.  Sometimes, I even leave the house through the basement door just to avoid a visual of The Tractor and sending you into Meltdown Mode.  You are the cutest little farmer there ever was though, and So. Serious. up there working the gears.

I do believe you are my favorite son.  I cannot get enough of you or your wet kisses.

Love, Mom

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13 responses to “on your own

  • Nancy Lee

    Tubes…our last child had 5 sets of tubes…one each year from age one. He was such a different child after the tubes…he was so delightful and slept and napped and ate and it was like a miracle surgery… Only once did we have a problem…I fed him ice cream right after surgery (he was five and insisted!) and he tossed his, ahem. “cookies” metaphorically speaking …on his way home from the hospital..totally my fault..and my van…{sigh}.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    Oh my word he is so awesome. What is it like to just have one kid again? WOW! I know you miss Ry so much but I am sure it is also fun to have Gus all to yourself. Have fun!

  • Abbie

    He is ridiculously cute and Eddie can’t wait to play with his BFF AND his BFF’s tractor this summer!

    Tubed three of my four kids (should have tubed the first, but was young and dumb and didn’t know any better). Best money our insurance company has EVER paid! It truly is no big deal. The surgery takes less than 10 minutes and it changes their life and disposition. I highly recommend them!

    I also recommend ENT Doctor Winkle, funny last name but very, very dashing. I actually wore makeup when I brought my kids in. And no, I’m not ashamed of myself.

  • Jessica

    Tubes, are just fine, so I have heard. I hear everyone is doing it , so I wouldnt worry!! We will make sure to send you our tractor movie when we outgrow it. If it survives the hands of Sir Wyatt!!

    Gus, is a super cutie pie!!

  • NC

    from a tubes professional (gus had them 2x and adenoids removed second time). It is so the biggest undeal ever. It literally takes 5 minutes and your Gus will be back to normal in roughly an hour.

  • Kristen Moore

    I was super hesitant to have tubes inserted for Fletch and it ended up being the best thing ever. After learning that he had so many episodes of fluid in his eyes and it was the equivelent of hearing underwater. . . it convinced me and my dr. sort of forced me.
    So, after the tubes, we had zero ear infections, zero colds and they stayed in for the perfect amount of time, about 2 years. They just fell out on their own this last month. You do have to keep his ears dry, but really it is only a pain in the butt for one or two summers.
    So I endorse it. It helped immensely with Fletch’s hearing and ultimately his language and obviously his health.
    For the record, I did cry when they put in under in surgery. That was the worst part.

  • amanda {the habit of being}

    both of the older kids had two sets of tubes and it was easy peasy. by the time i was comfortably seated back in the waiting room, they were calling me back to meet the ent and be with the kids in recovery. of all the things you might have to deal with raising children, this one is a breeze.

  • Stacey David

    I echo everything the Momma’s said about tubes. Our little had them twice. NBD.

  • Renee

    Thumbs up for tubes! Had Jonathan into the doctor every week for 6 months and gallons of antibiotics until he got them. Made our lives so much better. No doctors, no drugs, happy baby!

  • Mandi

    First of all, your description of Gideon is exactly Weston. Exactly. The boy adores his big sister and can just barely function when she’s not around.

    Secondly, tubes with Weston were super-easy and made his life (and ours) 100 times better. He was a new person after he had the tubes put in, and it wasn’t terribly difficult to keep his ears dry when he was in the water. The word “surgery” is way scarier than the surgery, in that case.

  • Meg

    My Soph had a bunch of ear infections until we learned some really easy tricks and then she stopped having them entirely. Garlic Mullen oil from Harvest Health, warmed and dropped in then massaged down the passage-ways. You can also put your thumbs in their ears and very gently pull out just a little. Sophia loved the way this felt. The practitioner that recommended it suggested that it straightens or stretches out their tubes enough to get things flowing a little better…obviously this is a translation. Not sure if that is a very good description of what actually happens, but it worked for us and is a ton less invasive and expensive than tubes. Not saying it will work for every little person, but how great if it were to work for Gus too!

  • Margie

    He looks really amazing up there on that tractor. No WONDER he’s your favorite son.

    When Sarah was one, she had three ear infections in six weeks, one of which literally kept me up all night. As I was telling a friend the next morning, she slammed doctors for the antibiotics they prescribed, and swore that from now on she was taking her son to a naturopath. All I could think at the time was, “Just give her (me) the drugs. PLEASE.” And after that round of three earaches, she had no others for a year. It’s funny how that works.

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