freedom ranger chicks, 2 weeks old

Our chicks are now 2 weeks old and SASSY.  Non-blurry photos are almost impossible… these guys are so active now!  They are already so much bigger than your average egg-layer chick.  You can feel the muscles in their little bodies under all that fluff.  As of today, they have finished their first 50# bag of food. 

The first picture is just a quick snap… it was taken immediately after I had to chase 45 of them down in my yard when they escaped their outdoor pen fencing.  I thought, incorrectly, that they would be too big to fit through the holes.  I was immediately and shamefully proven wrong.  Never fear: everyone is reluctantly back in the coop.  Tomorrow, I will head out to the farm store for supplies to make them a nice, portable, lightweight, and un-escapable outdoor pen so they can graze at-will. 

Crazy birds.


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