It’s almost time, which is ridiculous.  While on my blog walk-a-bout, I managed to gain 12 weeks in my pregnancy and now- as of today exactly- we are only 5 weeks away from delivery.  Sunnuva.

Little Mulder’s birth has been scheduled (yep) for December 15, 2011 around 9am.  This link will take you to (no account necessary) where you can lay your claim to the unknown details of Kiddo 3.  Wanna play?  Sure you do.  Help us with some names while you’re at it.  The scoring is serious, Peeps… it’s all mathematical and SAT-ish, so don’t leave anything blank.  Of course- of course– there will be a winner and a prize.  You’ll just have to stick it out until after Christmas for your winnings.

[happy clap and a little squeal]

It’s kind of exciting.

Now, we’re not going to talk about my hair, ok?  It was pouring rain and the humidity and I broke up when I was about three.  BUT, you will undoubtedly want some info before making your bets.  So… here I am at about 34 weeks.  I’ve gained 25 pounds (which is 25 less than with Gus and about 10 less than with Rylie… the nurse is so proud of me and I don’t have the heart or energy to explain this has likely been my WORST pregnancy diet ever).  I’m measuring 1 week behind, as I have with the other two.  Little is very active… not as rolly as Ry but not as psycho punchy as Gus.  Massive addiction to chocolate and cravings for salami sandwiches.  I feel great… very tired.  Starting to get to the achy-sore part, but my other two children have played major roles in that area.

Ry was 10 days late, 6 pounds 9 ounces, and 20 inches long.

Gus was scheduled (39 weeks), 7 pounds 13 ounces, and 21 inches long.

Me?  I have absolutely no clue, intuition, or 6th sense about this one.  No dreams, no feelings, no Mom Knowledge.  It’s a little weird.  We’re flying blind.

Now, hop on over to the poll and get ‘ta guessin’!

Hey… thanks for all your kind words about my return to Blog Land.  You are all so very… lovely.  Yes. Lovely.


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19 responses to “almost

  • Rachel

    Yay…you’re back! So glad…my Mondays/Thursdays just weren’t the same without you. And, may I say that you look amazing! So excited for you guys. Oh, and I loved the story from Monday…so funny! Happy Anniversary, too.

  • Jim

    Welcome almost back. A very cute little girl is hiding in their cause Ry needs a little sis and Gus one one to tease. It’s a guy thing to know these things.

  • Grace

    Welcome back to blogdom. I’ve missed you.

  • Amy L

    Yeah! Thursday morning coffee just got a lot better. I’ll check out the like this weekend and join the competition. You look great and enjoy the count down!!!

  • Carley

    You look great! Happy you’re back!

  • Jess

    Seriously have missed you!!!

  • Kim Aguilar

    You look fantastic. Wow. Here’s to one more month!!! Praying that all will be well and happy for you and Curt and the littles.

  • HopefulLeigh

    You are the cutest! That’s all.

  • Sunday Grant

    are you really back!!!! This might be too good to be true!

  • Amy B.

    You know, we are pretty much on the same track (34 weeks this week, Dec. 20 due date), but I’m measuring a week ahead, which means I look two weeks ahead of you, which would explain why I appear huge next to your photo! (I’ve gained about the same amount of weight as you.) Got a busy one in here too. Neither the husband nor I remember my stomach rolling and lurching like this with our Gideon.

    • Rachel

      I don’t think that you look huge …you look great, too, Amy! And trust me, I can sympathize with measuring ahead. I always measured weeks a ahead with Zane and the twins. I just don’t do pregnancy small. 🙂

      • Amy B.

        Thanks, sis. I don’t feel so huge all over, but am occasionally surprised at the size and roundness of the belly I see in the mirror. It’s funny – I can’t remember how I measured with Gideon. I don’t think I ever measured small, though.

  • G. Mulder

    Hello, just happen to come across your blog, when I googled my son’s name. His name is Atticus, 12 yrs old, named after the character in to kill a mockingbird. Small world, since we live in the Netherlands, Europe.
    Best of luck finding a suitable name in December. Regards another Mulder from the old world.

  • steph

    hello prego friend! you do look fabulous! i can’t believe nan knows! you stinker! i will be working the night shift at the hospital on the 15th, so i won’t be getting any sleep either! ha! so happy for y’all! i have no idea what Little is.

  • annie

    o my gosh! i did not know you were preggers with the 3rd…..that is awesome! why did i miss all this time. i hope its all been good, and also i’m going to vote, i’m never right but love to guess anything! and by the way, i wasn’t looking at your hair, i was looking at your shirt and how much i love stripes!

  • Margie

    So you’re…two weeks away now? If I could have another baby, the names for girls I (note that “I” since names were always such a sticky point for the hub and me) would be considering – no, the name I would want if she was born today – would be Harriet. I was stuck on Bonnie for a while, and I had once had a dream about a girl named Julia, but for today, it’s Harriet. A boy would be Timothy Jess. Old-fashioned, yes, but named for both grandfathers. I have never read To Kill a Mockingbird, but have asked for it for Christmas. Might fall in love with the name Atticus, too.

    So, being so very close to birthing this third little Mulder, HOW ARE YOU DOING???

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