in which you will think I’m crazy twice

I lost my son this weekend.  It’s the first time I’ve lost either kid.  In 5 years, I’d say that’s a pretty good record though I am not silly enough to believe it won’t happen again.  The Mulder family drove North to Timber Wolf Lake this weekend to spend some quality time together… and with 650 kids from around Michigan.  Our job, specifically, was Work Crew.  Setting tables, cleaning tables, cooking food, washing dishes… you name it.  The four of us were blessed to serve and serve with some amazing people.

At some point Saturday I walked 25 feet away from my children.  Curt was there.  The other 40 people on Work Crew were there.  It’s a self-contained building… so, nowhere to go really.  But when I returned, Gus Man was nowhere to be found.  Not in the freezer, not under the table, not in the linen closet, not in the Hobartdude.  Not anywhere.  It took 10 minutes, 20 people, and about 14 years off my life to discover him in the sound booth with the door closed happily pushing buttons and making mix tapes.

You’ve lost your kids, right?

Hey, are we friends on facebook?  We should be.  You help me run my life, and I need every bless-ed one of you.  Last week, I asked for help naming a puppy that is headed to TexasNorth in March.  Actually, she’s ready NOW but I’m having a baby in a week and a half and someone told me it would be silly to train a puppy AND a child all in the same month.  Again, I need you.  Mister Dave of Roberts Longhorns is happy to hold her until March for us.  But a name.  She needs a name before then!

Since I’m an Aggie (Class of ’99) and we raise longhorn cattle, I wanted her name to pay tribute to the school I think so grand.  MAN, there are some killer options… particularly for boy pups, but our pick was a girl and so, hmmmmmm.  44 comments later, we had a very short list of serious potentials but no killers.  We asked Ry. “Ry.  What should we name the puppy?”

And she said, “Boo.”  As in, Blue.  And I laughed because that’s one of her 5 answers for everything.  And then I realized she was a genius.  May I introduce you to…

TXN Hullabaloo Special

or Baloo

or Blue

Hullabaloo is the beginning of our Aggie War Hymn.

Hullabaloo means ruckus.  Um, perfect.

I won my own contest.

Now, we’re not completely insane here.  Baloo will be a trained working dog.  I need someone around here who can back me up when the herd makes the great escape (like HERE).  Dave is a longhorn breeder and an Australian cattle dog (or blue heeler) breeder, so he knows what he’s doing.  Run, girl, run.  I need all the help I can get.

Baloo will also eventually play a very special second role… as a companion dog for Rylie.  Ry’s apraxia would never medically qualify her for an official therapy dog but the research on kids and animals is astounding.  Our personal experience (with the cows, with the chickens, with my brother’s border collie) has been even more of a qualifier for sweet Baloo to come join us.  She’s smart, she’s strong, and she’ll quickly learn to protect Rylie while ALSO taking commands from her.   Can you imagine?  As a child who cannot speak well, to have a dog that obeys YOU?  That YOU are in charge of?  Oh, man.  I can’t wait. It will take time and lots of experimentation, but I’m up for it.

In March.

Until then, be cute Little Girl!  We love you already!

Now, back to the HUMAN baby names…

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