hook me up

Baby Report: Mulder Three has passed his or her final appointment and is ready for delivery.  Next Thursday, Curt and I will check-in to St. Mary’s at 6:59am.  Sometime around 9am, Mulder Three should enter the world a-hollerin’ and hopefully by that point we will have a name. We’ll give the blog and facebook a yell sometime and keep you posted 🙂  Thanks for riding this wave with us!  I am So. Stinkin’. Ready. to meet this kid.  Be sure to stop by the Baby Pool and leave us your guess along with a name.  We need all the help we can get.

Just a quickie for you today: more home improvement that happened on the blog walk-about.

When Curt and I first married, we found these heavy wrought-iron hooks in a local shoppe somewhere on the Georgia border.  Heavy, as in could double as a weapon heavy.  We bought 5 and they have hung faithfully by the front door ever since.

As the family grew and our inventory of puffy coats increased, Curt commissioned a friend to hammer out more of them.  They are a perfect match to the originals and now we have about 4,000.  Or slightly less… but let me tell you: since the day Rylie was born I have been desperate for more hooks.  Do kids just GROW things on the ground?  It’s like it appears spontaneously and without manners.

AND: who thought of the world’s dumbest invention, the bathroom towel bar that only holds one towel maybe two if they are perfectly folded which they never are gimme a break virginia?  Hooks.  Give me hooks.  Everywhere.

Curty spent a weekend drilling and I spent a weekend following behind him with a wrench turning every odd space in our Shoebox into a functional space with our beautiful hooks.

  • 7 (SEVEN!) 8 (eight!) hooks behind the front door at Rascal Level for children to hang… everything.  Gideon has not caught himself on these hooks yet, but I suspect it is only a matter of time.
  • 6 hooks behind Rylie’s bedroom door.  You wanna hang your undies there, Child?  Fine.  Go for it.
  • Curt got 4 hooks by the closet to avoid piling clothes on the chair.
  • I got 4 hooks in the kitchen for bibs and aprons.
  • And, my favorite, 5 hooks in the bathroom where the ridiculous towel bar used to live.

Now when we have guests (which we do… quite frequently… despite the work and trauma we put them through) they have a place to hang their towel instead of the awkward, “Hey.  I took a shower.  The green towel draped over the toilet seat lid is mine, ok?”

We love you so much more than that 🙂 Come on over.  Your towel is safe now.


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16 responses to “hook me up

  • Miss Laura

    Well geez, what else is the chair in the bedroom for, then? (So would say my husband.)

  • Aunt Ron

    oh I love those hooks, just maybe I will have 2 in my stocking..? just maybe, I’ve been good.. well at least I tried to be good.. xoxo

  • Amy L

    Hooks rule! I’m going to IKEA soon and will be adding to my backdoor hook collection as the kids get bigger so do the coats!

    Now I dare you to figure out what to do with all the SHOES! By the door! In the doorway! In the middle of the hallway! Help me out clevah girl!

    • texasnorth

      I think this is part of the problem… the getting bigger part. When they’re little, there’s just one coat. Now that they’re bigger, there’s the play coat. The nice coat. The lighter coat. The vest that zips into the coat. And on and on and on.

  • Mandi

    Love these hooks! Would love to have some of them taming the jacket/backpack situation in our utility room. I always enjoy the glimpses you give us of your home and your decorating style. It’s just beautiful!

  • Natalie Mulder

    Love them my friends! We are so excited to hear the news this thursday!

  • Grace

    Only you could write an entire blog entry, complete with photos and bullet points, about hooks. I love it!

  • Tricia

    1. You touched on the reason I’m not allowed to have a chair in the bedroom.
    2. Those hooks are beautiful, and I’m envious that you are able to “commission” items like that. What are you, royalty? 😉
    3. I recently hung some faux antique doorknobs with little hooks underneath on either side of the entryway bench. It’s wonderful when little hands can reach their little coats and hats.
    4. One. More. Week! Can’t wait to meet Mulder Three! ❤

    • texasnorth

      “commissioning” involves Curt emailing photos to a subcontractor to see if he can reproduce them… it’s also how we end up “borrowing” bulldozers for driveways and the like. I gotta say, knowing a man in the construction business is awwwwesome.

      And, personally, I would have been ALL BOUT different knobs and handles all over. Curt likes the symmetry. I just wanted it off the floor, so he won 🙂

  • shanda

    We are a hook family too! We have too many though by our door–a different kind of problem. I’m such a fan and love the look of your hooks. They fit Texas North perfectly! Hope you have some for baby clothes. 🙂

  • texasnorth

    Awesome. I cannot count. There are EIGHT hooks for the kiddos by the front door. The last one is rarely used, as Ry has claimed it for her Grandfather.

  • chad

    we’re crazy about hooks over here as well. and no, you cannot have too many. we have a long entry hall, and i have mounted 27 hooks in the hall so far. they are all full. all the time. i still have no place to hang my coat.

    bathroom, same thing. 15 hooks total, and still towels end up on the floor. it’s a losing battle, but I’m going down swingin’.

    from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective, you could greatly increase your sites traffice by changing the title of this post to either…

    “Wanna hook up?” or “I’m a crazy hooker”.

    see, that’s free advice right there. have a happy Monday! hope all goes well on Thursday. you two seem like just about the best parents any kid could hope for.

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