to baby

Hey, Little Mulder…

It is time!  It is time!

This is me, your mom, at 39 weeks.  Ten months pregnant, Kid.  You’re in there.  History has shown 3 previous times that I do not go into labor on my own, thus you get your very own special appointment this Thursday with Dr. Avery.  Seven am arrival with a 9am surgery.

[flashback] When we did this for your brother, our arrival time was 5am with a 7am surgery.  Your dad and I rode the elevator up to labor and delivery, quiet and calm and happy.  The halls were appropriately deserted and one lone nurse was managing the check-in desk.  I walked up with an eager smile and whispered, “Hi!  We’re here!”

She looked up without moving her head and asked for my name.

Um, Mulder?

Again without moving, she said, “And how can I help you?”

I had to look around to make sure I wasn’t at the bank or mall or some other random place, dressed in sweats with an overnight bag and a newborn outfit.  Seriously- how many people are you expecting at 5am on a Thursday?  I believe I’m here to have a baby and my information can be found in the solitary file on your counter.  Where are my ice chips and Curt’s blue paper booties?

I’m ready for the indifference this time.  “Hello, my name is Kate Mulder and I’m having a baby at 9am.  Please show me to my room; I have done this before.”  Boom. 

Some facts you may be interested in later in your life: I’m 34- days away from 35.  Your dad is 33.  Your sister, Rylie, just turned 5, and Gideon will be 2 in March.  Abe, our beloved and oft-overlooked dog, is 7.  I gained 30 pounds with you- my best of all 3 full pregnancies.  Rylie was about 35 and Gideon was a full 50+.    Activity-wise, you have been more roll-y than Ry but way calmer than Gus the literal bruiser… completely your own.

We don’t know who you are yet, Kiddo.  Boy, Girl… it’s a mystery to all but Janna.  Janna, in Texas, has known all three of you Mulder kids before you were born.  She is the kindest, most honest, best person I have ever met and having her and her alone know who’s coming has given me a peace in the hard times of manic distress.  Not that I’m scared.  But being a parent is hard.  It’s nice to have good people on your team.

Your dad and I have great. people. on our team.  This time more than ever, we will play the whole bench.  I don’t know what it will be like to have 3 kids.  I’m hoping I wasn’t overly ambitious.  I’m hoping God isn’t shaking His head right now.  I’m hoping… I’m praying… that you will enter this world as planned and slide right into the mix.  I’m a little terrified.  Mostly excited, but a pinch pee-in-my-pants terrified.

We’ve got nothin’ but time, Kid.  This will be new to ALL of us at TexasNorth, so bear with us.  Genetics promise that you will be cute, and that covers a lot of ground in the beginning.


Love, Mom

[We’ll see you Folks on Thursday… as soon as the kid is out, mom is fairly un-drugged, and a name has been agreed upon.  We covet your prayers!]


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