Miss Abby comes to town

Abby June arrived, as scheduled, on December 15, 2011.  This was my third c-section and, quite honestly, the roughest.  Gracious.  Nothing like 5 years of scar tissue to make things interesting.  I am assured it was all completely necessary.  My doctor told me (as they were stitching me back together… which, when you think about it, is a terrible time to have a conversation) that I was nowhere near ready ‘naturally.’ No signs of labor, nothin’.  I am nothing if not consistent.

I so very much wish I had taken a picture of Dr. I for you… my anesthesiologist.  She was lucky to be 5 feet tall, short hair you couldn’t see under her cap, and a t h i c k Russian accent.  I question, honestly, whether she is employed by the hospital OR, in fact, the FBI.  She carried only a pen and a paper… no chart, no needles, no doctor things.  And she barked questions to me that made me both giggly and terrified at the same time.

Name? (Mary Kathryn Mulder)

[scribble scribble scribble]

Allergies? (no)

Heart disease? (no)

Cancer? (no)

Thyroid problems? (no)

Family? (yes… lots of family)

[sigh] [reverse scribble]

Thyroid issues IN YOUR FAMILY? (sorry, no)

Open your mouth. (?)


WIDER.  (I can’t.)

You can’t? (I can’t.)


[more angry scribble]

Stick with me, Folks.  I meet the craziest people.  I don’t know how they find me but they do.

Curt and I right before we donned our awesome blue scrubs and hair nets.

It took Abby forever to cry.  I even had to ask, “She’s not crying.  Is everything ok?”  The doctor laughed and said, “Yep- she’s fine!  Completely fine and content.”  And she’s been that way ever since.

Rylie and Gideon came up the first night to see their new sister.

Gus was super pumped about her hat.  It was a winner.

Seriously… she favors Linguini from Ratatouille, no?  It’s ok for you to agree.

She is, as she was inside, completely calm.  Chill.  She looks like Rylie a little… and Gus a little… but she truly has her own thing goin’ on.  She started nursing in the recovery room and never looked back.  There’s still the mystery of breast-feeding, though.  How much are they getting? Is it enough?  According to her diapers, absolutely.  According to her weight gain, no.  So, we press on and add a bottle of formula here and there to make up some slack.  But mostly, we just press on because there is no time for dawdling anymore.

All in all, I’d say we’re running at 90% capacity.  Happy.  Healthy.  Three kids who haven’t seriously injured each other- yet.  Makin’ it work.

I am blessed.

Tricia, Darling, you won the baby pool!  You knew that.  Nice job.  Email or Facebook me your mailing address and I’ll send off your prize 🙂

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