The stillness implied in this photo is such a total lie.  Thank you, Laura, for catching a magical moment.

We have three children now.

The first question out of everyone’s mouth is, “How’s it going?”  The second is, “So, are you done?”  Well, we’re doing great and I dunno.  I really don’t.  Neither Curt or I have that overwhelming feeling of completion we were told we’d have when our family was all here… so there very well may be another on the way.


Not right now.


It’s certainly been an adjustment, having three short humans to buckle in every time… but, thankfully, it’s been the easiest adjustment of the three.  Here are a few material things that have smoothed the way:

A whole new reason to love Burt… the hand salve.  I did so much better this 3rd time around packing for the hospital.  Comfortable pj pants, my own tank tops, my own socks… and my own Burt’s.  This hand salve is perfect for Mamma’s dry hospital hands AND newborn skin massages.

This rocker by Fisher-Price has been lovely.  It’s completely NOT intended for your 30 pound 2-year-old, but I have to admit it has held up well under his affection.  Gus and Rylie are sharing a room right now,  but he’s still in the crib and will be until Jesus returns.  Abby has taken up residence in the rocker until she’s able to roll over.    I searched high and low for a wooden cradle deep with story… perhaps made by English nuns during The Great War, but it was not to be.  Instead, this little guy kept popping up in reviews.  It’s lightweight, up off the floor, bed-height, and inclined.  For $40, you really can’t beat it.  I wish I had found it when Gus was a newborn. (PS: Gideon is pretending he is sleeping in the photo, in case you needed some help.)

So, that’s not me in the photo- though I really love her skirt.  I did break down and buy an ergonomic baby carrier for Abby last week… we went with the Boba 3G because it fits kiddos starting at 7 pounds without having to buy a newborn insert.  It’s by far the most luxurious thing I’ve purchased but already so worth it.  With as much as we are moving, moving, moving these days, I need that baby attached to me and both hands free.  I love it.

There are a number of new and soon-to-be new arrivals in our Apple Pie neighborhood.  I’m curious to know what things made your life easier when your kiddos were teeny-tiny?


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