I’m going to change your life.

You need:

3 Tablespoons of Borax (bottom shelf in the detergent aisle… white box) dissolved in 1/3 cup warm water and any food coloring you wish [MIX WELL until all the detergent is dissolved!]


2 cups (16 oz.) white school glue and 2 cups of water mixed together [again, MIX WELL!]

Then, mix the 2 together… the dissolved Borax and the glue/water mixture.  Mix/squish/knead with your bare hands until you get 1 quart of FLUBBER.  It’s wet… but not.  It’s bouncy… but not.  It’s a solid… but not.

Just let them open the glue and pour it in.  Go for it.  Elmo pants optional.

Not crying.  If he were crying, Ry would be clapping.  He’s smiling for you.

Most of our animals are living under a shroud these days.

You can hide things in it, let it drip over things, mold it into cupcake papers and play kitchen… you can do anything with this stuff.  The Mulder family is on its 2nd batch (which is purple), with the 1st batch (which was blue) lasting well over 3 weeks.  Even with children who do not put it back in the container or DO put it back in the container but leave the lid off overnight.

Note: it doesn’t stain immediately.  We play with it on our wood table for long periods of time with no trouble.  But if left over night, it will leave a mark.  Same goes with fabric (ahem, clothing and rugs in particular… waffle-weave is especially vulnerable).  A touch or drop here and there is completely safe… but squished up against a fat belly in a high chair for 30 minutes?  Well, let’s just say that shirt is toast. 

Thanks to Carin for the recipe and the inspiration.  You are responsible for multiple minutes of quiet and semi-non-violent play in my house over the last month and for that I am forever in your debt.


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