Oh, the things so very dear to the 2 oldest Littles around here.  The contents change every day or so without rhyme or reason.  But the baggage… the precious, the trinkets, the lovelies, the whathaveyou… it come-th with-eth.  If they are walking, they are carrying their bounty.  If they are sleeping, the Treasures are on the pillow next to their crazy little heads.

Lord, help us all if we forget a piece- for surely The End is nigh.

Many of you hear me loud and clear.

plastic horse, travel toothpaste, bottle, valentine

bulldozer, weighted plastic egg, slap bracelet

crazy 8 cards, magnetic rock, rubber lizard "Blue"

pink pen, koosh ball, play spatula, silicone cups

RANDOM.  What can they possibly be thinking?  As I carefully placed each child’s Essential Items in separate piles last night- easily found in the morning lest All Be Lost- it occurred to me that I have no cause to roll my eyes at their Beautiful and Precious Things.

For I have my own, though now invisible.  

Things I have picked up and chosen to carry with me without fail for years.  As I mentally took a long-overdue inventory of my own baggage, I realized I wanted the slap bracelet and travel toothpaste so much more.

How long have I been carrying the embarrassment of that one day?

The hurt of that other conversation?

The desire for that certain thing?

When exactly did the guilt climb on and stay about that one thing?

When did that picture of that ‘perfection’ settle in?

How long has entitlement been there?  Sneaky thing, entitlement.

If My Things were physical, I would need a trailer to carry them.

This Wednesday starts a beautiful season in the Church: Lent.  For me, it’s the final climb out of winter.  It’s 40 days of introspection where Believers intentionally pray, sacrifice, read, sleep, eat, or simply change to focus on their own relationship with God a bit more.  It’s where we wait for Sunday… for Easter. It’s where we take apart, re-order, and restock.

I don’t know about you, but some of that Baggage has got to go.  It’s heavy.  And, it’s old.  I don’t want it anymore, seen or unseen.  It’s getting in the way.

I need a clear path and a clear heart to do this thing… this life… right.

So, let’s get on with it already.

We’ve got a lot to sort through, Self!

Bring on Wednesday.

I may need to get a head start.

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10 responses to “baggage

  • Renee

    Thanks for sharing this. Hmmm…might have some baggage I need to dump and some other things I might want to start carrying around…joy, thankfulness, kind words.

    • Annie

      I really like this. I had been just asking myself how one goes about dumping baggage. It seems like a good place to start is in picking something else up.

  • Carolyn Fitzgerald

    Absolutely love this post! Thanks for the reminder… so many truths.

  • Chris

    Just wanted you to know… this is exactly perfect for my morning. Thanks. You are such a wonderful writer!

  • Mandi

    This is a great post, and a great reminder. I’ve been in the process of dumping some baggage for a little while now, and it feels so good to let it go! I will continue to strive to see what I can do without!

  • susannah

    there are so many things that i love about this post.
    1. the slap bracelet. is it vintage? or can you still find them somewhere?
    2. and then, just as i’m thinking about another thing that i want, you remind me how much i need to be getting rid of, not getting.
    thank you.

    • texasnorth

      Ha! The slap bracelet was found in our teeny tiny little small town grocery store for $1.99 this week. They must still be out there somewhere! It’s rubber on the outside? Question mark? Weird. I remember mine being fabric.

      Glad to have some company in the purging, Friend. Thanks for coming along.

  • Andi

    Sweet Friend I wish was my neighbor, totally needed to hear this today. The bonus for me was seeing and koosh ball and finding out that someone remembers what they are called. I giggled out loud at that.

  • Colene

    Beautiful. As always, you have a way of speaking directly to my heart.

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