TWO times the fun

Gideon James,

You’re TWO!  Holy Bananas! And, goodness, if you aren’t just the cutest thing to ever walk the face of this Earth… or the messiest.  You’re 30 pounds of love and swagger. Bath time would be safer with a lifeguard, and your matchbox cars have seen the inside of diapers, the dryer, and looooots of dirt.

You have so many words, Child.  It’s been a blessing to hear you mimic and put sounds together.  It’s taking everything in me not to teach you bad words… everything you say is so dern cute I could put a bow on it.

The front porch is stained with fresh drops of crimson busted-lip blood… which you never cried about and only came inside because you wanted a drink.  You have two volumes: on and off.  On is reeeeeally loud.  But cute.  Off is observant and smirky and busy.

If there were baseball for 2 year olds, you’d be out there in a heartbeat.  Your right arm is a bit of a wonder, and your aim with food and balls alike is wicked accurate.  But your laugh… oh, Gideon.  Your laugh is something to behold.  Mouth wide open.  Head back.  Deep belly laughs… and we hear them daily and without bribing.

You are such a joy.

Slow down, Child.  You are moving too fast. Growing too fast.  I can just barely keep up with you. You do always stop… just a little down the road… to make sure I’m still behind you. And then with that laugh of yours, you are off again. Never in a straight line and rarely without tripping once or seven times.

Please always look back, ok?  You promise to always look back and I promise to always be there.

Love you so much.


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