two v e r y relaxed parents in on a porch in tejas

So, he can see that I’m having a hard time.  He can see that I’m on the edge of the dark place that sucks me in when everything around me starts unwinding.  He can see that it will take more than Chinese food to put this week behind me.  And so he says,

Kate.  You are my favorite person.

[skeptical stare]

Seriously, Kate.  In all 4 billion people on this Earth, you are my favorite person.

Friend, you don’t KNOW all 4 billion people on this Earth.

[brain working]

No.  No, I don’t.  But I have 386 friends, Kate!


That’s a lot of friends, Kate!  And you’re my favorite one!

That Boy.  He likes to fix things, to make them physically better. Sometimes, that’s just impossible.  I will always choose humor over perfection.

Hey, thanks for hearing that story on Thursday.  It’s so nice to know it came out right.

Here’s to another week of ‘getting on the bus.’

I hope this one goes to a beach.


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