1976-1978 • Belton

I was born on December 28, 1976 at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas.  I was due on Christmas but arrived a little late.  Not much has changed in 35 years.

My mom was studying education at Mary Hardin-Baylor.  My dad was a sergeant in the U.S. ARMY stationed at Ft. Hood.  My parents were 21 years old and drove a black ’67 Chevelle.  We lived in a trailer on Fort Road in Belton, Texas.  I should have been born in the ARMY hospital, but they were full and I was thankfully booted over to the civilians.

A couple months after I was born, Jack the basset hound came to live with us and stayed for the next 16 years.  The brown plaid couch did not fair so well.

Dad received new orders in 1978, sold the Chevelle (his greatest regret in life thus far), and the three of us + Jack headed overseas to Germany.

… to be continued

Where were you born?


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16 responses to “1976-1978 • Belton

  • Jim B

    At what is now a Lion’s Club in an area of Gods country called Traverse City

  • Michele

    It shouldn’t surprise me that all of my baby pictures are in front of the brown plaid couch’s twin. I was ten days late, though, and the couch lived in Chicago.

  • Miss Laura

    Jim, I was born at Munson! God’s Country, indeed. No better place to be from than TC.

    Kate, I’m not convinced those aren’t just a bunch of pictures of you holding Gideon and Abby. Wow.

  • Jess

    I was born in Asheville, two weeks late. Dad worked at a Hallmark/Ace Hardware store, something for everyone right! Although we didn’t have it in 1977 Dad’s greatest regret was letting mom sell his Full size White Chevy Van in 1987. He changed his mind at work and didn’t get a chance to tell her. I think he is still searching for that van…

  • Amy B.

    Amarillo, Texas. My dad was a real-life cowboy, although by that time, he was riding the feed yard, instead of the open range. Both parents were 32 years old when I was born – same age I was when I had my first.

    You look just like Gus in the picture in your mom’s back pocket (which is totally awesome!).

  • kuhnmath

    I was born in Austin, TX on a Sunday afternoon a week before my July 4th due date. My mom woke up around 6 in the morning with her first contraction, took a shower while my dad made sandwiches. I arrived a little after noon. So far my two have not been this cooperative. Ella took about 25 hours to come to us and this one has been tricking us for a few days now. Come out and play baby!

  • texasnorth

    Seriously, Baby. Get out here already! We’re all waiting for you!

  • Tricia

    I was born on Father’s Day morning, 1978, also at Scott & White in Temple. Apparently there was a big hot air balloon race going on that morning, and my dad wanted to stop and watch. My mom told him there wasn’t time, and thankfully he listened. When they arrived at S&W the doctor wasn’t there yet, but I wasn’t waiting, and my dad was sure he was about to play catcher in the biggest game of his life. That would have made for a great story, but the doctor showed up just in the nick of time, so my arrival didn’t make the front page of the Telegram after all. 🙂

    It’s staggering to see how much Gideon favors you in those pictures! Completely adorable– and wow, your parents were just kids! Great post, Katie.

    • texasnorth

      I know. Everytime I compare my age to their age at whatever stage we’re in, I kind of freak out. My mom handled school and the terrible twos/threes when she was 23. Sure. Whatever. Then she had another kid when she was 24. Sure. Whatever. I cannot even imagine.

      So glad your dad picked your mom over the hot air balloons!!!

  • Kim Aguilar

    My folks are youngsters too. My dad was 22 and my mom was 21 when I was born on May 3, 1977 at the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, UT. They had just moved to an apartment in Salt Lake City (from Provo) and my mom went into labor 2 weeks early while scrubbing the new (old) toilet. Contractions were fierce and my uncle drove my folks from SLC to Provo in record time, hoping he wouldn’t get pulled over for speeding. Dad sat in the back with Mom and timed the contractions on the back of a little paper sack; it’s in my baby book.

  • Mandi

    Holy cow! The genetics in play here are killing me. You look so much like your mom; your kids look so much like you. That is so very awesome!

    I’m pretty sure there exists a picture of me as an infant that is almost identical to that first one of yours–bald head, plaid couch, the half-sitting position. And that picture of you in your mom’s overall pockets, so great!

    I was born in Haskell, TX, at 5:50 am, on August 11, 1977, a day after my due date. My mom attended a Tupperware party the day before, while in the beginning stages of labor. But once she got to the hospital the next day, I arrived in just about 45 minutes.

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