1978-1980 • Schonaich

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In 1978, Dad received orders for Panzer Kaserne in Boeblingen, Germany.  Dad left early to start work and look for an apartment while mom and I (+Jack the basset hound) lived with my grandmother in Cleveland, waiting.

We found a 2nd floor apartment in Schonaich, Germany.  Our landlord was Frau Steiger, and she lived below us.  Her son was a teenager and would sleep late into the mornings.  We drove a red Opel with no car seats.  (Hey, let me know if you have trouble finding our car in the photo).

My first actual memories are from this place.  I see a yard with green grass.  I remember taking the picture with my guinea pig, Sunshine,  and her getting loose.  I remember my dad washing my hair and the shampoo getting in my eyes.  I remember getting stung by a bee under my arm and running up the stairs to Mom.  I remember a sandbox.  The neighbor girl was my best friend- Bilgert.  She had a little wooden play-house over the fence where we would sit and eat pretzel sticks.

My memory is short, though.  While I do not remember, it is certainly true that this is the trip I where would learn to downhill ski, where I would watch tv on the kitchen floor with my dad, where I would speak German like a native.

My brother joined us on December 19, 1979…. just before my 3rd birthday.  An ‘earlier’ birthday is the ultimate betrayal from a younger sibling.  I’m not sure I’m completely over it.

We did take some really cute pictures, though.

Man, that wallpaper is killing me.

In 1980, my father received orders for Fort Knox, Kentucky, and we headed back across the water.  With my brother.

Have you ever been overseas?




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5 responses to “1978-1980 • Schonaich

  • hopefulleigh

    Love the pictures and the memories! Since 2004, I’ve been to Thailand, Ireland, Ecuador, and Spain. I can’t wait for my next international trip! (Also, the idea of going overseas with my family is terrifying.)

  • texasnorth

    [I’m moving these over here from Facebook so I don’t lose them in time.]

    Cathy: The picture of you with the guinea pig, looks like Rylie!!

    Tricia: I think it looks like Gus with a baby Farrah Fawcett wig on… but in the cutest way possible, of course. 😉

  • shanda

    Love hearing your history. And you are cute. And I can see your kids in you.

  • Amy B.

    JInju and Sacheon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea – 2002-2005.

    Totally agree with the Gus with Farrah Fawcett wig on – awesome!

  • Margie

    I have been overseas, yes, but never lived there. But. WE had an Opel, white with red vinyl interior and black dash, in oh, ’76 or ’77. It was our first new car ever, and took my brothers and me through HS, although it died one hot afternoon during my their senior year. In a funny way, we still consider it the family car, even though we moved on to a hideous pale yellow Ford Fairmont station wagon after that. We have no stories about the Ford, but continue to talk (fondly, sort of) about the Opel. It was legend.

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