We’re on our way.

Rylie Girl.

Monday afternoon we had your final IEP meeting before Kindergarten next year.  It was a chance to meet with all your current therapists and hear how the past year had progressed.  Everyone was there to brag on you, Ry!  Becky and Becky and Brenda and Jessie and Pete… and even Mrs. Rachel and Mrs. Karen for next year.  Mom and Dad… and everyone.  We all came.

As much as we focus on details- numbers and charts and progress and scales and standard deviations- I will leave those to your official files.  Let me tell you that in a year’s time, you are now age-level (and sometime ABOVE average!) in your gross motor skills!  Well, in everything but ball throwing… but that’s genetic.  Sorry.

A year ago, you were barely on the charts.  And what’s important is not that you can run and swing and jump… but that your body can do it without so much agonizing effort.  That you can (usually) catch yourself before you fall.  That you can run and keep up with the boys… and lawnmower.  That your body is not fighting itself AS MUCH as it was last year.  The gap- that huge chasm of difference- is slowly closing.  Because once Gross Motor closes, next comes Fine Motor.  And once Fine Motor gets more under control, then comes Speech.  And once Speech comes, Emotions.  And after all that, Disneyland and basic world domination.

We’ll take it.

Kindergarten here we come.

Get ready.

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7 responses to “We’re on our way.

  • Margie

    Oh, yeah. This is AWESOME.

  • Margaret

    Wow what amazing progress.
    I am wondering if Lego would help her fine motor skills, endless possibilities of what to make and those tiny little blocks to be manipulated.
    Lego is expensive, but I have bought most of it at garage sales and markets, you could also try EBay or put up a community notice
    .We kept it in an old round tablecloth, with a big drawstring, all contained on the cloth when spread out and super quick pack up !

    • texasnorth

      We are big fans of legos! Yes! I do need to make one of those bags, though… I had one when I was a kid 🙂 Time to pass it on. I think a round tablecloth is great idea! Thanks!

  • susannah

    ahhhh. this is good. it seems like the past year has felt more like a tough slog for you in the moment. what a blessing to be able to look back at the year and see that progress has been made. hope makes such a difference. what a wonderful job you’re doing as mother and advocate and friend.

    • texasnorth

      Thanks, Friend. It has been, truthfully, a horrendous year. But we are so very excited for Kindergarten and new things! And new buses! And new schedules! It is the very definition of bittersweet… but it is good. God is good.

  • Mandi

    Yay! Yay! Yay! What a great-news post! So proud of Rylie and all her progress! I know your heart must be full of joy and pride, which I pray will give you strength as you face the future. I cannot even believe Ry is even old enough to go to Kindergarten!

  • Kim Aguilar

    So thankful for progression. It means we’re alive and headed in the right direction! Here’s to kindergarten!!

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