just popping in…

Continuing our discussion on teeth…

Curt has requested (with a mouth full of toothpaste) that I buy Colgate next time because he likes his toothpaste to have a little “zip.”

Now, I grew up a Crest girl.  I don’t even know where they sell Colgate.  Is it in the same aisle?

And this?  After 10 years together, this comes out now?

I continued to be amazed and humbled by marriage.

Hope your holiday Monday was as lovely as apple pie… filled with family and memories and sunshine.  Or, at least, a little extra sleep.

We’re going to get ourselves back on track and I’ll meet you back there Thursday.


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

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