this is how we met

You remember the story about my first kiss?  Surely.  SHIRLEY, you do.  I’m laughing and crying into my keyboard as I type this.  Dear Lord, what an awkward time for me.

Leigh, beautiful blog-friend Leigh, has been doing a series called This Is How We Met.  It has been such a blast reading other folks’ stories about chance or not-so-chance first encounters with their significant other.  Today it’s my turn!  Head over there and catch up.  Start with mine, of course… because you and I are family.  FAMLEE.  And then read the rest of them.  And then come back and tell me how You met Yours.

I’ll get you started:

Curt and I met, like most couples in the Free World, at a women’s retreat.  A large, overnight ministry women’s retreat.

That is absolutely true. That February 2002 weekend was the Young Life Women’s retreat near San Diego, and I was the host… which is a fancy way of saying I collected the money and made sure everyone had towels. Kevin and Curt came down to volunteer and help me get some side-work done in-between me racing to find toilet paper for the front bathrooms. Women’s Retreats are serious about their toilet paper and paper towels. Men’s Retreats, not so much.

So, I was busy and single and 25.  Of course, I was meeting quality men left and right… youth ministry and YoungLife in particular are GREAT for that, but they all came on Friday and left on Sunday.  I lived on a virtual island of awesome… solitude.

…and the rest is right HERE.

More of our story can be found in the Our Story posts.

Thursday, the timeline series continues with junior high and high school.  I figure I might as well just put all my embarrassment out there in one single week and get it over with.


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7 responses to “this is how we met

  • shanda

    I could listen to the story of you and Curt over and over. Although I’d like to be sitting by a campfire and have both of you there together. Gifted you are. Hope you enjoy your Monday morning and that your sweet pea enjoys her first day. Simon’s on the ipad, but when it’s free I’m going to check my calendar so we can make that campfire happen. 🙂

  • hopefulleigh

    Thanks for sharing your TIHWM story, friend! The series would not be the same without you.

  • Michelle G

    What a great story! Thanks to “hopefulleigh” I zipped over here 🙂
    Long story short – my hubs and I were arch enemies. For well over a year.
    Someone joked that we should go out and we both laughed OUT LOUD. come to find out – he had liked me, and had worked out at a gym for that whole year to hope to work up the nerve to ask me out. (0ops!) We went somewhere with a whole group of friends- he asked me to slow dance – I was impressed – we kept dancing even after the music stopped.
    27 years, 6 kiddos and 2 grandbabies ago. We’re still dancing to our own wonderful song 😉

    • texasnorth

      Well, THAT brings a whole new meaning to Love Your Enemies, now, doesn’t it?! God is so funny 🙂 Thanks for stopping by… so very nice to meet you, Michelle.

  • Margie

    Okay. I just love this.

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