the sandpit

Strap on yer boots, Folks!  Today, we’re talkin’ about farmin’!

When your husband is in construction, you tend to have a lot of friends with big machines.  And, occasionally, those big machines will end up in your front yard.  It’s pretty great.

The North pasture that hits the pole barn gets a lot of use.  Since the grain can be stored under the lean-to, it’s where all the feeding happens for the boys for the last 8 weeks before they head off to the butcher.  In the winter, and again in spring, this pasture turns into a swamp of Gross.  This winter was particularly bad… with no real snow or freezes to harden the ground, the boys basically swam up to eat each day and swam out again.  Not ok in our book.  Smelly, yes.  Ideal?  No.  Clean = healthy for farm animals, and we needed another option.

So, The Boy called in a trade and our friends down the road showed up to dig out 2 feet of prime top soil and manure out of the 1/4 acre fenced-in area.  Denny will use the top soil in his excavating business.  Love symbiotic relationships. Can you see up there how they dug it all out?  Is that making sense?

The over the next 2 days, 41 truck loads of sand we hauled into the square.  This was maybe the best week of my children’s lives.  I even brought out the sleds and let them slide down the 6 foot hills.  Blue spent all week hopping from dune to dune and then digging tunnels ferociously until she couldn’t breathe anymore.  Gideon brought so much sand inside our house via Pampers, his buns are permanently exfoliated.  It was a good time.

After the sand came in, Denny came back and smoothed everything out with his bulldozer.  (I told you: best week ever.)  I did ask him to leave one pile for us so the kids could be weaned off the beach and on to…

their new sandbox.  Not exactly a fair trade in their book, but it’ll have to do.  The boys have taken over their pasture again and I’m not cool with Gus playing trucks under the hoofs of a yearling steer.

All that’s left to do is pour a small strip of concrete so the feeders are actually sitting on solid ground, and that will finish up this rehab project.  It seems silly, I know, to fill your yard with sand, but it really will keep everything so much cleaner.  The sand drains so much better than the clay that was there before.  Happy animals = happy farmers and vice versa.  Maybe we’ll look into air fresheners, too.

So, that’s what’s been happening at the farm.  We learn as we go.

Just so ya know.


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