ten minutes later

Gideon James.

I cleaned out the chicken coop yesterday.  The raccoons are planning a revolution… I can feel it.  You helped me a little but soon wandered off to do your own work.

Ten minutes later, I found you on the big red tractor and listened to you from behind the tree, “Daddy on?  No on.  Me up?  Up.  Moooooo.  Eeeeeeeeat.  Moo.  Eat.  Hay.”

I helped you down and headed back to the hens.

Ten minutes later, I found you at the kitchen sink, washing your sandbox trucks. “Wash. Me wash.  Me no wa-wa.  Truck wa-wa. Me no wa-wa.”

I turned off the water and pointed you in the direction of your red barn and animals.

Ten minutes later, I found you sitting on the brown leather couch, feet splayed out in front of you, hands to your side, humming into a yellow kazoo with all your might.

I just laughed and left you alone.

Ten minutes later, you were on the kitchen stool in the dining room at the glass cabinet carefully removing all the bowls. “Out? Out.  Me eat.  Out? Out.”   You proudly showed me that each bowl had one piece of honeycomb cereal in it.

I helped you return all 9 bowls to the cabinet and the cereal to your belly.

Ten minutes later, I could not find you.

You were not on the swing. You were not on the porch.  You were not in the pole barn or on the tractor or on the couch. You were not in the basement or doing your own version of laundry.  You were not in Abe’s kennel, Abe’s food, or Abe’s water.  You were not giving yourself a bath or unrolling the toilet paper.

I made my way down the hallway…

You were sitting quietly on my bed, reading the latest Sundance catalog.

With my swimsuit bottoms strapped on like a shirt.


God bless you, Child.

God bless every wiry hair on your head.

Where did you find your kiddo 10 minutes later?

About texasnorth

TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

11 responses to “ten minutes later

  • Bonnie

    Laughing laughing laughing at my desk this morning.

  • Tricia

    He looks good in stripes. 😉
    Every time I find Liam after a few minutes of silence (I can’t let him disappear for ten whole minutes, or the house will be on fire) he is going through my purse and trying to feed all the contents of my wallet down the floor vents. Every. Time. What is it about mommy’s purse that is so irresistible?! God forbid there’s a combination of food and diaper wipes in there… he will eat anything that comes out of a purse (but nothing off a plate at the table), and likes to wipe his face, hands and body with a fresh wipe after every bite.

  • Mandi

    Love this post and can totally relate. I lost Clay the other day and couldn’t find him anywhere. After a while, there was the faintest whimpering from Ruth’s completely dark bathroom, where I had closed him up in an attempt to keep him out. He had been hidden behind the door and was then perfectly happy to explore in the dark for a while. I’m almost certain I found him in the pantry, emptying the shelves, ten minutes later!

  • Marcia

    About thirteen years ago my husband and a couple freinds returned home after duck hunting. After 2 of the kids and I (the 3rd, Haley, was on the front porch buried deep in some books) admired the days take we went inside and sat around talking.
    About 15minutes later a neighbor knocked on the door. She looked quite concerned. She said, “I don ‘t know how you tell you this, but Haley is walking around our yards carrying a deaf duck! ‘”
    Sure enough, there was Haley walking slowly, carrying the deceased duck like a baby, it ‘s neck hanging over her arm. The poor woman was just beside herself. I did feel bad for her, but that ‘s my Haley! She has always _____loved any type of critter and is my nature loving ‘ wild child. I still never know what I will find her with or where it will be!

    • texasnorth

      Yes, yes, yes. Rylie once spent an entire campfire sitting next to a deer skull… antlers and all. It was her buddy and woe to he who tried to move it to sit down! I understand, Marcia! I understand.

  • hopefulleigh

    Bahahaha! Thanks for the morning laugh.

  • Kim Aguilar

    Good grief. He’s adorable.

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