Don’t cheat on me with cornbread.

Still thinking about Monday’s comments.  You’re good people, you know that?

With Ry and Gus gone for 2 weeks, the house is pretty quiet.  Curt and I cashed in some alone-time with tickets to Lyle at Meijer Gardens last night.  I love his shows.  We go every time.  I love that they always dress in suits (without jackets, since it was pushing 100° last night). I love that he lets his band p l a y.  Encores are not crowd-favorite songs or extended singing, no.  He turns the spotlight on his band and let’s them go while we dance.  I love how he talks to the crowd.  Before last night’s set, he walked out with a fancy camera and said they were just about to start but wondered if he could take our (collective) picture?  And I love that he’s a story-teller.  His songs are funny and heartbreaking- sometimes both.  He’s old school in the best possible way.  No openers, long sets, everybody plays.  It’s a good show.

I always cry at I Will Rise Up.  And I always laugh at Keep it in your Pantry.

These nights remind me of what an introvert I am.  I am a magnet for ridiculous people, my hand to heaven.  But it was worth it.  To sit with Curt.  To hear the familiar music.  To watch some masters play.  Good show… despite the crowd.  Good show.

What’s your favorite concert?


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9 responses to “Don’t cheat on me with cornbread.

  • Bev

    My favorite concert was Alison Krauss and Union Station at the Kalamazoo Civic Theater. Close second was Indigo Girls at the same theater. I saw both those two at other venues, and there is something about the Civic Theater in Kalamazoo–the hand-carved wood, the ceiling that has stars in it, the balconies off the sides, the close-knit atmosphere, that makes you feel like you are having your own private jam session with a couple hundred people.

    • texasnorth

      Oh, that WOULD be a good show! I haven’t traveled much to see concerts, but I did see the Civil Wars in Ann Arbor at an amazing old theater… like the one you are describing. I’ll have to remember that.

      MG is kind of a frustrating scene, actually… lots of people fighting for space, getting crabby at other people, lots of people putting on their own show. It’s like folks forget they’re in public or something. It’s stressful to me 🙂 But there are always amazing moments.

  • stephanie

    Patty Griffin in the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens…live, raw, perfect. I’ve never heard her sound better! I can’t believe you saw the Civil Wars! Sigh. Keith and I need a good concert date…or just a good date. 🙂

    • texasnorth

      We’re lucky… the Civil Wars come to town a good bit and I’ve been able to see them twice 🙂 Really really great show. I’ve seen Patty here a couple times too… and honestly, there is no better live voice. That woman is gold. Every time.

  • Rachel Badrina

    Eddy and I saw him with the large band in DC once and and it is still my favorite show ever! Such a great show. 🙂

  • Lou

    This is pretty cheesy but, one of my favorite concerts of all time was seeing Weezer. I love them! They were hilarious and really got the audience involved. It didn’t hurt that Jeff was there with me.

  • Kim Aguilar

    Funny. Concerts aren’t really on my radar. Never have been. I’ve been to a handful, maybe. But they were all great! Beach Boys, Chicago, Martina McBride. Live acoustic is more my style…classical. Or jazz. And I’ve been amazingly blessed in that department, let me tell you. My dad took my sis and I to Salzburg, Austria for her birthday one year. She and a friend that also came along went downtown for an evening holiday parade (December bday) and my dad took me up to the fortress for a Mozart concert. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Talk about the most spectacular experience EVER. Don’t think I can ever top that one.

  • Danny Sebeck

    Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson, Whitefish Theater in 2006. Sarah and I celebrated our first anniversary with Mr. Clark and 10 of our best friends in Whitefish, MT. No set list so he didn’t mind playing “Anyhow, I Love You” for us. We sipped on Basil Hayden’s out of dixie cups (Thanks Adam). We saw the Gourds 30 min after the show… down the street.

    Lyle at Red Rocks, JJW at Wolfpen , Bonnie and the Beard at the Fritz are close seconds.

  • Margie

    This is why we’re friends: I love Lyle. His concerts have always been favorites, and I even postponed leaving Houston a few days to attend the July 20, 1999 show at The Woodlands and invited all my friends. (I used to want to marry Lyle, and my best college friend met his parents on a plane and even mentioned my name. One month later he married Julia.) But my favorite show was when he toured with his Big Band theme – never better. Love that man’s music…

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