When Rylie Joy brings you flowers, she brings them roots and all.  There is no half-way. Bless that child, there is never half way about anything.

Rylie Girl, I say, I don’t need the whole flower, ok?.  Just pick off the top.  The pretty part.  But she continues to bring me the whole plant… the whole life.  Dirt spraying anyone who’s near.  Three feet long and too big for any vase.

Repeated scenarios in my life generally mean I’ve missed something.  My God is good with parables, and He knows I love a good metaphor.

• • • • •

The pretty petals are connected to the unremarkable stem and the leaves that funnel water to the underground network that never gets its due credit.  And, I think of you.

I think of you.

You who give your family a solid foundation, unseen and unheralded

You who (let’s face it) are simply not as gorgeous as the petals you provide for on top

You who stretch and grow and dig deeper to balance out the top

You who spend your days in the dirt- in the dark- throwing every bit of nutrient up and every bit of strength down

You, who rarely see the light or the fruits of your labor… who must nourish yourself and all the life above you

You.  We love you.  And, we thank you.  And, we wouldn’t be beautiful without you.

• • • • •

I need to remember to notice, to appreciate, to grab the whole life.

Rylie Girl, you are- and may you ever be– a remarkable Messenger.


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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

3 responses to “roots

  • Teresa

    Funny, I’ve always considered “roots” in terms of finding a place to settle down (especially with 6 moves in 12 years under my belt – 4 with kid/(s)). My roots are my family and my God, no matter where I move to next. Thanks for the reminder!

    • texasnorth

      You could go ANYWHERE, Friend. And I’m sure- if you asked- your family would say YOU are the stabilizer in the house Mamma’s are good at being roots. Even if the house changes 6 times in 12 years!

  • Lisa Tierney

    My Kids did the same thing when they were little, and I planted those roots, now, 15 years later, I smile every time I see that wild fern Jamie brought from the ravine by the rope swing or the poor mans penny Katie brought from the vacant lot.

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