We’re settling into our new world as a Kindergarten family around here… thanks for all the love, Friends!  She is having a blast.   Today is our first all day, bus there and bus home day.  If you find any extra strength floating around be sure to send it Rylie-o’s way!

Remember when new shoes meant you could run faster and jump higher than ever before?



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5 responses to “kicks

  • erica

    wait…it doesn’t?

    i guess i haven’t experienced that since most of my shoes are pre-loved…but they are new to me so they probably transfer their super powers, right?

    aaaaaah…roos. how i loved those!

    miss you : ) happy first days!
    bean had her first day of preschool today.

    • texasnorth

      I wish I still had MY little roos for her to wear… that would be awesome. I think any pair of new or new-to-you shoes makes you faster 🙂

      Yea for Bean! Knock ’em dead, kiddo!

  • jo

    LOVE those shoes! Will be praying for Rylie today. – Enjoy your time, kate, with only 2!

  • Kim Aguilar

    ROOS!!!! Dang, I loved those shoes. I let Clark pick out his own new shoes for kindergarten and I was kinda surprised that he picked out skater-type shoes since I’d never gotten any for him before. Wow they grow up TOO FAST.

    Three cheers for Rylie! I hope she loves every minute!

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