when a man loves a woman

It’s been a roller coaster of a week, Friends.  I don’t think my feet are quite on solid ground yet, and I still have some processing to do.  As ever, my faithful Boy was right by my side:

It’s late.  He’s getting ready for bed, clearing the chair off so it can be filled again tomorrow.  She’s coming upstairs after feeding the baby.  She’s in a funk.  He’s… well, he doesn’t know she’s in a funk.

Mid-thought but first sentence, she says, “I have to tell you… I’m a little upset about how that went.”

And he stops.


“Yeah.  I’m sad.”

“Aw.  I can tell your sad.  Why are you sad?  It’s been a weird week, I know. But you bought new jeans!”

“I did buy new jeans.” *Kermit arms* “But, still.  I’m sad.”

Boy waits for it.

“I’m sad because of the way Rookie Blue ended tonight.”

Boy is rightfully unsure of his next move.  Girl continues.

“I thought they’d end up together.”

Boy is trying, really trying, to piece reality and emotion and story together… but, honestly.  Girl is the master here.  There is no use.  With practiced caution, Boy continues.

“You know we ended up together, right?”

“Yes.  Yes, we did.” *Kermit arms* “It’s been a weird couple of weeks. Can you tell me a story?  A nice story? I need a nice story before I go to sleep.”

“Sure.  How ’bout one about when the kids are all grown up and fine.  Everyone’s FINE.”

“Ooh, that’s a good story.”

“Yeah.  I can’t wait to be able to date again.”


“Not other people, Kate.  Each other.  EACH OTHER.  Some day we’ll be able to go out again, just the two of us.  Whenever we want.  Without a babysitter.  Without plans.  Without anything.  Until then, one day at a time and one foot in front of the other…

…and maybe less drama tv for you, ok?”


My brain, people.  My brain does not work any more.

That Boy sure does into and out of an argument 🙂


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