work it out

So the Boy is looking at a women’s clothing magazine (the Girl’s favorite), and the Girl… well, she kind of laughs.

What are you doing?

Actually, I’m just wondering what you might like in here.

Oooooooh, interesting!  Like, gift-potential?  


Alright.  Well, I need to finish something real quick.  How ’bout you go through and mark what you THINK I’d like and I’ll tell you if you’re right.  It’ll be like a Get to Know Your Spouse exercise.

And the Boy agrees.

Fifteen minutes later, the Girl joins the Boy again and does a little gleeful clap in anticipation.

the boy opens the magazine to the middle and proceeds to the end

he is remarkably on-target


Now why, the Girl asks, why did you start in the middle?  Is that just where I caught you? Should we do the beginning now? 

and the Boy looks a little puzzled and says

Naw.  The beginning is all work-out gear.    

*the Girl tilts her head ever so slightly*

Work-out gear… like, running and stuff.  I guess I just thought you… wouldn’t… be… interested? But you are.  Let’s start over.

Apple Pie, Anyone? I’m serving up double-portions today.

Marriage, Folks.

It ain’t for the faint of heart.


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