Rylie Joy is 6

In this house we light fires, grills, and candles with a blow torch.

Ry turned 6 last Wednesday… never have I been caught so unawares. This past year has been a whirlwind, with most of the swirling happening in just the last three months. A new school, a new routine, less naps, less free-time, new therapists, more meetings, more evaluations, more packed lunches, more book orders, more homework. It has been a lot to take in, but she has rallied in every sense of the word. Her language is exploding now that she has new people and new friends encouraging her. She has been so very tired, but she has been so very happy.

Her birthday was a bit tricky this year… it was the first day of vacation, the day after a long field trip, and the day before Thanksgiving.  Curt had a normal day of work, and we had a fairly normal day at home. Ry asked to have lunch with her cousins (granted) and pancakes for dinner (granted).  She got some clothes and a hopscotch rug… and both sets of  grandparents scored big at the teacher store with dry-erase flip charts, alphabet cards, and memory games.  It was an unintentionally quiet celebration, but sweet.  She’ll be queen again at school today when she brings birthday cookies for her friends. I’m pretty sure it’s what she’s been looking most forward to… bringing cookies to school.  Not because she gets to share, but because she’ll get to be the teacher for one brief moment while passing them out to her classmates. THAT is Rylie.

On a whim last Tuesday, I yelled out on Facebook for folks to draw Ry a birthday card and send us a photo of it. She received over 50 cards from 3 countries in 24 hours… and I cried at every one.  Emails with subjects like “for our Rylie” and “for my BFF Rylie” and “you don’t know me but I made this for Rylie”… oh man.  It is one thing to know this child and live with her and love her and see how far we’ve come in 6 years.  It’s another thing entirely to realize people all over are rooting for her.  It catches me off-guard every time.  She is everyone’s child.

If there’s one thing that girl loves, it’s seeing her name in print. I’m making a photo book the birthday cards she received by email and snail-mail to put in her Christmas stocking.  If you want to add to the book, certainly send her a note my way by email: katiemulder at gmail

She loves horses, lists, singing, helping cook, swinging on the tire swing, markers, the mini-Boden catalog (marketing geniuses), and anything purple. She knows all her letters, the numbers 1 through 10, and has a tendency to discipline other children at school.  She can write her name!  She can skip!  She’s SIX now, which is a stinkin’ hard number to say when you speak correctly, let alone wrestle apraxia… so we’re working on that.  She eats Frosted Mini Wheats every morning for breakfast and is a champion egg-washer for me by night.

She tips the scales at a slight 42 pounds (with Gideon gaining on her every minute) and is 42 inches tall (with Gideon not gaining on her every minute). She’s lost (and gained) 4 teeth.  She still rides horses every week, but we’ve put our music extra-curricular on hold for a bit until we settle into the extra hours and energy of daily school. She is riding a bike with training wheels and cannot be stopped on the sledding hill.  Child still loves to sleep and regularly puts herself to bed shortly after 7pm. We don’t have favorites in this house, but that bedtime thing is a BIG plus.

Rylie Girl… you are six.

(or, ICK, as you say)

We love you so very, very much.

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5 responses to “Rylie Joy is 6

  • Steph

    Ah man! Since I’m not a facebooker, I missed that mail call! I’ll have Ike make something extra special in his own hand. 🙂 hugs to Ry and the rest of the clan!

  • Kim Aguilar

    I love your sweet birthday letters to your kids. What a good mama.

  • Amy L

    I really behind here. Just life at the moment. It’s on my list to get something sent to you for that Birthday book. I’ll put my creative team on it and will send away!
    Happy SIX years Birthday to Rylie!

  • Margie

    Wow – only four comments? These letters to your children are what I most LOVE about your writing. And – I’m on board (late, but there) with the Rylie birthday wishes. Please don’t finish your scrapbook without me. (I saw something brief on FB as we were walking out the door for our 2 celebrations-with-no-down-time-in-between), and couldn’t process in that moment what you needed. But now I know. About to leave again, but look for me either tonight or tomorrow (I have a project in mind, but might wait ’til daylight to photograph).

    Happy sixth birthday, Rylie! It’s been so fun watching you grow up. A marvelous ride, indeed.

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