good times

I squeezed myself into a pair of snow pants this weekend… they were definitely a size too small BUT full of good memories.  Look at what I found still attached to the pocket:

my lift tag from way back when Curtis James and I got engagedlift ticket

I get all dreamy-eyed and happy when I remember that trip. And, a little mad. The boy owes me some hot chocolate.  Finding that gem made the difficult breathing all afternoon worth it. Man, I was a lot smaller in those days.  And, apparently, shorter.

Plus, seeing these faces didn’t hurt:

my loves collage

Abby was fairly under-whelmed by the whole ordeal, as you can see. Gideon spent most of his day falling in the stream at the bottom or making snow angels- face down. Ry was a master on her zipfy sled*… it was so fun to watch her take off on her own.  There was once incident near the end involving some branches and her chin, but she came out alright.

Do I know how you got engaged? Share, please.

Hey!  Today’s your last day to put in an order for sweatshirts… I’m emailing the printer tomorrow 🙂

*zipfy sleds = can be found at Meijer or HERE. Super lightweight and great for kiddos (or adults) who want control but independence.  Both Gid and Ry have their own. They also work on sand dunes. Ask me how I know.


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9 responses to “good times

  • Mandi Watts

    You were integral to my getting engaged! Couldn’t have done it without you!

    I love these pics of your little snow bunnies! So cute! It always shocks me when I remember that people who live north of Texas actually have winter. We were just talking last night about how “cold” it’s going to be here this week, with highs only reaching 60. Kind of makes me laugh when I see your pictures!

  • Heather P

    It is a rainy day in North Texas this morning.Highs will be in the low 50s.
    Almost seventeen years ago, my husband and I met at church. We started dating on Palm Sunday weekend and in June (June 14th to be exact), He asked me to marry him while we were walking around the campus I lived on and attended.
    Love your family pics in the snow!

  • Cortney

    Matt proposed to me on Christmas Eve Eve, using a box of chocolates, his grandmother’s engagement ring, and a modified version of the speech Mr. Darcy uses to propose to Elizabeth at Rosings Park. I was wearing an Elf hat at the time, something that, to this day, I’m not sure I can forgive him for 😉

  • Missy

    Sweetman proposed to me on bended knee at the Waterfires in Providence, RI using a tin of altoids to disguise the ring. It was clever and had deep significance to us both. And his breath was mint-o-licious!
    Love the pictures of your fun time – glad Ry lived to tell about the branch and the chin. And the fact that you were able to still squeeze into snowpants a size too small? Impressive!!!

  • MC

    France. After I spent four months in Paris studying, and after Brian’s paper clip chain counting down the days for us to reunite ran out, he flew over in December and we spent the next two weeks travelling around.

    It was Christmas eve and we were in Arles- little town where VanGogh is from. For my gift, he gave me a photo album full of random pictures. Turns out each photo had a title- “Mary Carol” (a pic of me), “Will” (a pic of his roommate, Will), “Ewe” (A pic of a sheep), “Mary (as in Mother of Jesus picture)”, and “Me” (Pic of him). After he told me the titles of the pics, he slid a ring under the album towards me. Fond memories….

    …And I have those same ski pants that don’t fit, but I still wear every time it snows.

  • Annie

    This week Phil Warners taught me how to sled down Stony Hill on a shovel. Those Zipfy sleds look like a similarly fun experience.

  • Kim Aguilar

    Oh boy. That’s quite a story. How bout you come visit and I’ll tell you all about it? Or I can come to you. Sometime. (Whatever happened with the trip out here for Rylie?) Also, I regret to inform you that we won’t be getting sweatshirts. Tshirts for AZ weather, though, and we’re in! (We seriously own like one sweatshirt each and that is plenty since we wear them for 20 minutes in the morning, maybe.)

  • SRR

    Mine story is simple. My love recreated our first date backwards. First time around it was visiting our favorite city and having drinks at the local dive bar then walking on the beach, and then dinner. So the second time around we had dinner, he proposed on the beach in the spot we sat and talked forever that first night and we celebrated with drinks at the same dive! (All this happened within three months and we were married six months later….still going strong!)

  • Corrie S

    Your cousin asked me to marry him when we had been dating for the better part of 5 years, after a day of tobogganing at Cuyahoga Valley National Park,as we walked along the river while it snowed. Very cold, but very romantic :). Afterwards, he had a whole weekend of fun activities planned for us. It was spectacular.

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