I found this homework in Ry’s backpack last night.

It’s in Spanish.

I’m thrilled to see that, while English is still quite difficult for her, 8th-grade Spanish is going just fine.

Yesterday, I welcomed a beautiful woman into my home. I knew she was coming, and I knew she wanted to hear a little bit more about Ry’s story and our journey with Apraxia. I thought she was looking for stories to add to a newsletter… maybe reprint a blog or use Ry’s name as as example of what a happy kid looks like in school.

I did not expect her to ask me to speak at the 2013 Circle of Friends reception, which raises funds to underwrite the costs of the Educational Support Services program. Money raised from the evening help the Schools provide tutoring programs, educational interventions and extensions for special-needs children in the Grand Rapids Christian School system.

I said ‘yes’ before I really thought things through and so now I’m in. April 26th… it’s time to tell Ry’s story in-person. I’m a little nervous since I am a dish best served on paper and my mascara is 2 years old. But, I’m excited. A chance to talk about my girl? To sing the praises of the people who work with her every day? To meet the people behind the fund that allows my child and hundreds of others like her to have a fair chance at education?

Count me in.

Would you pray for me?  That I would be coherent, maybe a little funny, a lot encouraging and –especially– that I would not tuck my shirt into my undies.



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10 responses to “knock-knock

  • Bev Vanderwell

    What a blessing I know you will be to the many people who will be able to step into your story for a bit and see how God is guiding you and providing for some of his little ones. Definitely I will pray for you!!

  • Mandi Watts

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and for your community! Praying for the Lord to give you the words and the courage you need.

  • Trace

    I so wanna come.

  • Margie

    CONGRATULATIONS. You’ll be wonderful. If I lived there, I’d step up and pay the big bucks for a ticket to the dinner just to hear you. Will your performance be recorded?

  • MC

    Oh, you’ll do wonderfully! I know you’ll think of the perfect way to tell Ry’s story, and be funny. Wishing you well! ….wait…so…whose Spanish homework is that?!

  • Missy

    I’m with MC, is that Ry’s homework?!?! For realz? You will be amazing and I shall send mascara. Prepare your “dish” on paper and read right off of it to the crowd. You’re already the Awesome Sauce.

    • Lizzy

      totally agree here – and maybe tucking your shirt into your undies will be that secret boost of power you need. I mean – you just never know with these things… 😉

  • shanda

    Woo and Hoo! Let your way with words just flow out of you. You are a wonderful person and that will shine through girlfriend. Raise those funds–for Rylie and every other kid. . . and for every other parent. 🙂 Heck–buy new undies too. If you might show um, they might as well be sassy and sexy and covering everything.

  • Tif

    At least they started with unit one. You have a smart one on you hands…..maybe English is just not smart enough for her to even bother learning it??? I think that sometimes when Bjorn can’t understand the words “I’m in a pickle”…. I’m sure he thinks how stupid English is…why would I say I am in a pickle…..who wants to do that???.

  • Natalie Mulder

    Oh how I wish I could be there to laugh, cry and encourage you! Amazing. I am so thankful for this experience, for all of you! Luv u!

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