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Oh, but there are so many mysteries in this life, amen?

So many questions, so few answers.

Why, for instance, does Curt constantly move my dish soap to the kitchen window sill? It goes by the faucet. Obviously. We’ve been having a silent war for almost 10 years now. It is shameful how long people will fight for something even when they’re wrong.

Also, why does the guy in the yellow house- which I pass every day of every week- why does he have 4 trashcans on the curb on pick up day? Every week- 4 huge rolling carts of trash. Why? I am about one strange minute away from stopping and leaving a note in the mailbox. Any ideas? My history of CSI addiction leads me to only sinister guesses.

And then there’s this:

Sweet Hagan just had surgery and found out that the mass in his brain is cancerous.


Here’s an email I received last week:

Friends from other places and travelers,

I hope you are all well! Most of you don’t know my friends Trey and Anna, but their 2 year old son, Hagan (pronounced “hey-gan”), was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and it is cancerous. To cheer them up, I want to make a video with people from all over the world (YOU!) sharing your thoughts, prayers and feelings for them. The fact that most of you do not know Trey, Anna or their child Hagan, just makes it more special and shows that people from all around the world care.  
Instructions for making the video:
  1. Use your smartphone to record the video
  2. It can be 5 to 30 seconds long
  3. If possible, try to find a cool background scene that represents where you are in the world
  4. Say your name, where you are and your thoughts or prayers for them
  5. Make it funny or thoughtful
  6. Send the video back to [Ryan AT RyanBlalock DOT com] by MONDAY at noon EST
When all the video clips are in, I’ll (Ryan) compile them into one video and share it with them and those who submitted.  
Thank you all for showing your care for this family!  
To learn more about Hagan and and keep up with his status visit:

Let’s take a breath, shall we?

It doesn’t take having a child to understand the shadow of shock and mystery here. We none of us are prophets or healers, but we can do this: we can love. In the face of great uncertainty and darkness, we can shine a little beam of light… of hope.

Let’s say hello. Let’s take Hagan to thousands of places without him having to leave his doctors or family. Let’s introduce him to a world of friends who think he is the cutest thing in a paper gown. Let’s show his parents that strangers can love as fiercely as family.

Do you have a smartphone? A sheet of paper? Some sparkly stickers? Can you take 30 seconds right now and yell a cheer out to Hagan and his family and then email it to Ryan?

Step back from the dishes and the desks and the errands- for just a moment- and be a part of a bigger story. We will receive no credit, no prize, no pat on the back save the joy of knowing we stepped outside of ourselves today and lived out loud on behalf of a family that is finding the words hard to come by these days.

And it will be worth it.


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  • Penny

    If you’re smartphone-less there is a spot on the website to leave an encouraging comment along with more photos of this little sweetie. Thanks for the opportunity Katie!!

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