stitch fix #1

Soooooo, I jumped on the Stix Fix train. I did.

The idea here is simple: you fill out an extensive survey covering your sizes, style preferences, and cost boundaries and they send you 5 items. It costs $20 per box, which covers shipping both ways and is labeled as a “styling fee.” Once you receive your box, you have 3 days to try your items on and decided what you like or don’t like. Keep what you want and send back the rest in the pre-paid mailing envelope they provide. Your $20 is credited towards any items you keep.

TexasNorth is 35 miles from town and a good 45 minutes from Target or Old Navy. I do 95% of my shopping online, which saves me from driving to multiple stores and saves the stores from dealing with me and my children. Online shopping is a win-win for everyone involved.

So, a pretty box mailed to me with clothes from brands I can’t get here in town? Try them on in my own home and match them with other items already in my closet? Absolutely. Sign me up. Stitch Fix was not a huge stretch for me in the risk category. I was pumped.

stitch fix #1

The box was so lovely. All five of my pieces were wrapped neatly in tissue paper and tied with the belt from the Yumi dress. There was a card with an invoice and letter from my stylist, Alicia, as well as a small card for each item with styling examples. Very nice presentation.


This Daniel Rainn blouse was a surprise love. The cap sleeves and straight cut fit perfectly. I was weirded out by the blue and black combination and just couldn’t get past it. This was Curt’s top pick, but I knew I wouldn’t wear it as much as it deserved. SENT BACK.


This Tea N Rose cardigan was super fun, but too small. It was exactly what I was looking for: a basic cardigan that would wear through winter and into spring. The arms were super tight, which is weird… but simply a fit issue. I totally want the ballet flats in the example photo. SENT BACK.


I wore this navy and red Yumi dress for 3 hours the day I received my package. Gideon immediately stole the belt and turned it into a tow rope for his construction trucks, but I couldn’t have used it anyway. I have a long torso and dresses with belt loops are always too short in the waist. The dress fit great without the belt. It took me three hours to decide that I just really needed one more inch in the waist for it to completely rock. Without the inch, it looked like I was trying to squeeze into a junior’s dress. It was a FABULOUS thick jersey, 100% lined… really, really nice. I put it on with my black biker boots and felt ready to go out on the town. This was SENT BACK with tears in my eyes.


In my profile I requested some grownup jeans, and Alicia listened. She sent me a pair of KUT jeans, which I loved but they were at least a size too big and quite long. The card said “Katherine” jeans, but the tag attached to the jeans said “Natalie.” The “high rise” label was a bit deceiving… they fit lower than “mom jeans” and higher than “sketchy jeans.” Very nice weight, fabulous dark color, normal boot cut. Great jeans- but big. These were SENT BACK, but I requested them in the next box in a size down.

striped tank

This olive and white Tart Remi Striped Tank was the item I kept. It’s perfect under a navy cardigan and more interesting than any other solid shirt I would normally choose. The fabric is super soft, fairly thin, and drapes well. Since I have no chest, I will have to tack down the crossover so we don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, but otherwise it’s perfect. So, my $20 styling fee was credited toward this purchase.

If I had returned everything, I would have forfeited the styling fee. If I had kept everything, I would have received 25% off the total.

Loved the whole thing. Even if I had kept nothing the first time around, I would still be a fan. It was so fun to find the box on my porch and then try everything on at home in normal lighting with access to my own wardrobe at the same time. Great concept. Great service.

Bring on box #2! 

[Stitch fix did not pay for this review. I signed up because a friend referred me, and I paid for the clothing myself. That friend who referred me received a $25 credit to her stitch fix account when I received my first box. If you use this link and follow-through with your own box, I will receive a credit as well.] 


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10 responses to “stitch fix #1

  • Jo

    love this idea! I think I may need to sign up. Why don’t you refer me so you can get the $25 credit – yes? hope you are well. have not seen you in forever 😦

    • texasnorth

      It has been FOREVER!!! We need to fix that.

      As for the referral, all you have to do is click on one of the pictures in today’s post and it will register you to me 😊

      • Jo

        sweet! thanks for posting this Kate – I hate to shop. This may be a great option for me as well! Once we can dig ourselves out of the winter – let’s try to get together.

  • Laura

    Remember, a tailor can always shorten the jeans….
    You had some super cute stuff!

    • texasnorth

      True. But I’m happy to say these were too big at the waist, too 🙂 I’ll take a down-size any day! But I bet (if I get these same pair again) I’ll have to do some quick tailoring in the length… no problem.

  • Margie

    Several friends at church have done this and are quite happy! And your post is pushing me to give it a try, too…if I do, I’ll use your link! 🙂

  • Leigh Kramer

    Yay for Stitch Fix! I have to say I’m in love with what they sent you- totally my style. I’ve done about 6 or 7 Fixes now and they get better each time as the stylist gets a sense of your likes, fit issues, and style. I can’t wait to see what they send you for your second Fix. We just need more pictures of you trying it all on!

    • texasnorth

      I know. I know… I tried. I really did. I had Curt take pictures of me in everything but I chickened out. I absolutely could not handle my whole self being out there. This will be the next thing to discuss in therapy.

  • Corrie Stofcho

    You’ve sold me… I am an avid online shopper– I usually use, which is great for kids stuff. But the adult stuff is hit or miss with the fit and it’s not returnable. Gonna click on a link and give this a try. Thanks cousin!

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