stitch fix #2, 3, & 4

Shall we catch up on a little Stitch Fix action, friends? With my Lent-blog-fast and our eternal winter here in Michigan, I have received a couple more boxes but haven’t shown you the goods. Let’s do that and make the world right again.


Remember how this works? You sign up HERE and fill out a survey on your sizes and preferences. They give you a delivery date and a beautiful box magically appears on your door with 5 items inside and a note from a stylist. Your account is charged $20 whether you keep anything or not. That $20 is credited towards any items you decide to buy, and you have 3 days to decide once your package arrives. If you purchase all 5 items, you get a 25% discount. Whatever you decide to return goes in a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope- EASY. Basically, you risk $20 on this adventure. I’ve received 4 boxes and have kept at least one thing from each box.

Everything always comes so nicely packaged. Such a treat. There’s tissue paper and envelopes and belts tied around clothing… makes this mamma’s heart so happy. Truly.


Stitch Fix #2



When the navy 41Hawthorn Abriana Cardigan showed up, I was thrilled. It was exactly what I had asked for… a simple, lightweight wardrobe staple. I took the tags off immediately, threw it over the Tart tank from Stitch Fix #1, and headed to the bus stop. I also kept the Kut From The Kloth Guiliana jeans, which in the real world are Josephine jeans. Not sure why they change the model names on the jeans, but that’s been true in every box I’ve received.  The Guiliana/Josephine jeans are a solid, dark navy wash.

The Kensie Sweater was a no- too tight and not well-made for the price. The sweater itself was lightweight and wonderfully soft, but the faux-blouse pieces underneath kill it. Much more of a Target-type piece than a boutique piece. I did love the red blouse, but honestly, folks- there is something wrong with my arms. I have little tiny chicken arms, but all the shirts I’ve tried on in the past 4 years have been too tight around the upper arm. So weird. I blame my children. The LA Made Shirtdress was super cute and SUPER comfy, but a size too big on me up top. Ahem.

For fix #3, I asked for another pair of KFTK jeans (since we had the sizing right and I love the fit) and a dress or two to choose from for spring.

Stitch Fix #3


My happiest of days… when this Pomelo Sedona Shirtdress showed up in my life. Lots of folks have had trouble with the fit on this dress/tunic, but the medium was perfect and loose on me. I wear it both over jeans and over tights. There is an attached belt that I tie in the back instead of the front, making it hang more like an artist shirt than a dress. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear this twice a week. It’s quality weight fabric with a little shimmer to it. Love. LOVE.


I’ve had a different stylist for every fix, but they are obviously reading my comments and taking not of my requests. I received and kept a regular pair of traditional-wash denim jeans (labeled Kut From The Kloth Simmons for Stitch Fix but Farrah on the actual jeans). I also kept the rayon Daniel Rainn Ishara Lace Detail Blouse. The color of this blouse is gorgeous- the ipHone is not doing it any favors. It’s also like nothing else I own, so it was a good addition to the slightly-more-dressy side of my small closet.


The 41Hawthorn Sugar Dot Fit and Flare Dress was SUPER cute and Curt is still not speaking to me for sending it back, but it was just a tad too short for me to be comfortable. I wanted one more inch in the torso and a couple of inches on the hem. I think (LAWD), I THINK, I am past the age of wearing skirts that are above the knee. *sigh* I promised myself I would only buy things that I absolutely love and that fit me NOW. Therefore, no dress. The Pomelo Cutout Top was too wacky for me with the cutout in the back. I couldn’t do it. I tried, but I couldn’t do it.

For Fix #4, I asked for a jersey skirts and maybe a jean jacket for the summer.

Stitch Fix #4


Fix #4 arrived with a pair of Kut From the Kloth Lacie boyfriend jeans (which are actually the Catherine model) that I already owned (thanks to a killer sale on Amazon) so those were returned. The maxi dress was cute and well-made, but just not my style. I wanted to keep the Pomelo Jersey Top because it is the softest thing I’ve ever felt in my life, but Curt was bugged by the cross-over detail in the front. I knew I wouldn’t wear it much if he wasn’t a big fan… though I considered keeping it to sleep with like a security blanket. I think it’s made of angel breath and clouds.


(photo credit to Rylie who told me to “LOOK DOWN”) I kept the Lily Poppie Swing Skirt… it’s sooooo soft, beautifully lined, and the perfect length for me right now (points to Stitch Fix for totally reading my notes about wanting longer lengths). It’s also the exact navy of the 41Hawthorn Cardigan from Fix #2. I also kept the green sleeveless Collective Concepts Button-Up Blouse for the same reasons as the Rainn blouse from Fix #3… dressier than my usual but still within my comfort zone. No picture of me actually wearing that one and I don’t know why. Next time.

For the next fix, I asked for a little more Bohemia and a little less Classic Prep.

I love getting to try these clothes on at home- SUCH a luxury for me way out here in the sticks. I think I’ve got one more fix in me before I take a break for a couple months. I do love the surprise and the ease of “shopping” with them. I’ve added some very nice, very practical items to my drawers without stepping foot in a mall… and that basically make my year.

If you’re on the fence, I think you should go for it. You should. Be specific about what you like and be really, really honest about your sizing. It’s a good time. Remember: while I’ve always opted for clothing ONLY, Stitch Fix also does accessories like jewelry and scarves and bags. Lots of choices! Los of fun!

[Stitch Fix did not pay me for this review. I signed up because a friend referred me, and I paid for the clothing myself. That friend who referred me received a $25 credit to her stitch fix account when I received my first box. If you use this link and follow-through with your own first box, I will receive a credit as well.] 

STITCH FIX #1 review

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8 responses to “stitch fix #2, 3, & 4

  • Jen

    I have heard such good things about this but. I’m wondering, if you’re willing to share, how much do the clothes cost? I mean, 25% off sounds great, unless the jeans are $300/pair, in which case I shouldn’t even have them sent to my home in the first place, knowwhatimean???

    • texasnorth

      Jen, you set your price range for clothing. I read somewhere that the average price is $65. My jeAns have been $80 and the blouses I’ve kept have been $45. I think the shirt dress was also in the $80 range… So, more than Target but less than Nordstroms.

      📎 sent from TexasNorth


  • Mandi Watts

    What a fun post! I must admit, I’m so tempted to sign up. Maybe when we get back from our trip, and I have, you know, an actual mailing address! 🙂 You are absolutely gorgeous, my friend! I love that last picture of you on the porch! It looks like it could be a page out of a catalog. Rylie has quite an eye for styling a photo shoot and a beautiful model to work with!

  • Cortney Hammontree Hall

    I’m so glad that shirtdress worked on you because it did NOT work on me and I thought it was soooo adorable! I usually only keep one or two pieces from my fixes so far, but I have found that it has made me more adventurous in my shopping and styling in my cheapie old navy / target clothes as well. I love Stitch Fix and I’m glad shared your story or I might not have ever tried it!

  • Laura

    I love the skirt– well, all of it, actually.

  • Missy

    Love that polka for tunic and tights and LOvE that last one too! So cute!

  • Kim Fernando

    Every time I read about Stitch Fix I’m a little more tempted. I just have such a hard time buying for myself on a regular basis right now while my husband’s finishing school. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt dress on you! And the black cardi and jeans! So cute!

  • Zoe

    Looking Good Lady!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I may try this, if so I will go through your link!

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