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I did so very much think I was going to stop my Stitch Fixes for a wee bit… maybe until spring… but I forgot the first time and then the second time we were out of town when it arrived and I dunno what happened but I have 2 new bags and 7 new pieces of clothing. SERIOUSLY. It just keeps getting better and better, even with different stylists each time.

It’s clear they are checking my responses and looking at the pinterest board I keep updated for styles and specific pieces I like. They make note of it in the quick letter they send and they are matching items up with previous pieces I’ve kept. Slick.

How it works:

Stitch Fix is an online, at-home personal shopper. You fill out a detailed survey about styles and fit and preferences. You schedule a date. They mail you a beautifully wrapped box with 5 items, which can include jewelry, accessories like scarves and bags, shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and jackets. You can also opt OUT of any of these items. I requested no jewelry and no outerwear, for example.  You have 3 business days to try on the items in your box, checkout online, and return anything you’re not geeked about. They provide a paid envelope and all you do it drop it in the mail. If you keep all 5 items in your box, there’s a 25% discount on your total. Each box costs you $20, but that $20 is credited towards anything you decide to keep. So, as long as there’s one thing in the box you love, you’re not out any money. Saavy?

Stitch Fix #5


After Fix #4, I asked for them to lean more bohemian and they listened. This was the first time I received a bag in one of my boxes. It was a nice change and I kept the purse since I was due for something smaller than a diaper bag. If you’ve seen me in the last month, you’ve seen me wearing this Mystree Thea Chevron shirt and carrying this Street Level Rooney bag. The cross body strap for the bag was immediately confiscated by my four-year-old, and I’ve not seen it since.


I also kept this navy Pomelo Shana dress. SUCH A GREAT PHOTO. Sorry. The embroidery has pops of baby pink in it and the length was just right. Fabulous for summer church.


Stitch Fix #6


Fix #6 sent me another bag, this time HUGE as opposed to “day-sized.” It will be a great carry on option or beach bag or Meijer Garden purse when I need to carry 400 snacks. I love it. The Gilli Alenna dress is identical to a Garnett Hill dress I pinned a couple weeks ago. It’s super soft and double lined on the top… very nice quality and made in the USA.



Abby and Rylie wanted in on these photo ops… I will not apologize for them. This is neither a fashion nor photo blog and their subject tends to talk a lot.

Here’s the Promesa Maxi paired with the gray Market & Spruce Hi-Lo tee. The shirt has a lower hemline in the back and the fabric is to die for… otherwise, a completely normal shirt. BUT. This box ended up being a home run- 5 for 5, and it would have been more expensive to return the shirt and pay full price for the other items than to keep it. Not a difficult choice on my end.

IMG_4603 IMG_4610

Finally, I loved and kept the Under Skies Sweater Tank. The current space-dyed trend is not really my thing, but the tank is a dark navy and white and completely different than anything else in my closet without scaring me. It was a nice change. It’s also has a boho, crocheted feel to it… stretchy. Again, different and good.

And now you’re all caught up.

Have you tried it? Do you love it?

[Stitch Fix did not pay me for this review. I signed up because a friend referred me, and I paid for the clothing myself. That friend who referred me received a $25 credit to her stitch fix account when I received my first box. If you use this link and follow-through with your own first box, I will receive a credit as well AND I’ll be your best friend.] 

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