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I found this quote yesterday and had to write it down. Not just pin it or screenshot it, but actually find my pen and a piece of paper and write it down. That, in itself, was its own kind of therapy. That my phone’s camera ombre-d the paper was a happy accident. All-in-all, an excellent […]

a letter to my parents

Hey, party people! Well, it’s been a week. How are you doing? You sound tired when I call you, but that’s probably what I sound like when you call me ALL THE TIME. I understand. Zone-parenting is hard. Three kids is a lot of kids. Three Mulder kids is maybe too many, but who would […]


You are wondering where I went, maybe? Maybe not. Many of you know that last weekend, my grandmother passed away at the age of 88 after a long and amazing life of love and loss and beauty and honesty. The kids and I packed up and hit the road to Cleveland on Tuesday. My brother […]

first grade

Rylie Joy! Today is the beginning of first grade. All day, every day. BIG TIME STUFF, KID. Big time. This summer? This summer you went camping in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Maine. You visited Pittsburgh and Cleveland for 2 weeks, you went to the zoo with Mrs. B, and you got to ride a beautiful old […]

1978-1980 • Schonaich

[‘timline’ posts are a chance for me to get my life in order.  Literally. Here’s the first one: CLICK]  In 1978, Dad received orders for Panzer Kaserne in Boeblingen, Germany.  Dad left early to start work and look for an apartment while mom and I (+Jack the basset hound) lived with my grandmother in Cleveland, waiting. We […]

almost 4

Dear Rylie, Later this month, you will finish 4 trips around the sun.  Somewhere tucked inside all the insurance letters, preschool, trips to Texas, trips to Pittsburgh, trips to Cleveland, cows mooing, and chickens flying… somewhere in all that you changed from a big toddler to a little girl.  You are potty-trained.  You pray at dinner.  […]

I will pummel you. Because I like you.

We’re in a world of hurt over here, Folks.  The shoving has begun.  Ry has starting hitting in frustration, in curiosity, in rebellion… and it’s ugly.  In some situations she’s completely fine… and in others I find myself looking for a hole to jump into.  I realize almost every (honest) parent deals with this at some point, […]

one two three

one :: We are soooooooo not finished with the ‘car-cleaning-spousal-support’ topic.  I’m just letting Lauren cool down a bit 😉 two :: We went to Cleveland this weekend for a family wedding. I am slightly deaf from the 5 hour car ride and Gus.  Holy Stubborn Kid.  three :: We went Cleveland this weekend for […]

G is for…

‘g’ is for garden… which we planted a week ago today.  I am trying to coax my thumb to the darker side of green.  My mother can grow anything.  I, on the other hand, have killed an aloe plant.  This year, the plot is smaller and more focused.  It has a fence and texasnorth mulch […]

a letter

Dear Rylie, Hello, Doll.  It’s been a while.  You are 29 months old now… a walking genius and a babbling fool.  Your vocabulary increases by the minute, though the language is yet to be determined.  This is your first Spring to be upright and mobile, so The Great Outdoors holds a whole new treasure of […]