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beh-bee lellow bahs

alternatively, Baby Yellow Bus

Ry’s bus is actually a little shortie bus that picks up all the kiddos that live outside of the school district.  We didn’t know this was a possibility when we signed up, but it has been such blessing!  School is only 12 miles away, but that’s still 24 miles and 12 kiddo seat belt buckles round trip.

Ry will ride every morning and then home M/W/F.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are half-days, and we’ll pick her up.  Rylie l o v e s the bus.  Mister John the bus driver is smiling.

I love this photo.

Excuse us this week whilst we work our way into a new schedule and routine.  There have been and will be photos every day, but few words.  Make sure you scroll down and take a peek at Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday‘s photos!  And then come back tomorrow for one more.