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Texas A&M • 1995-1999

Timeline posts are a chance for me to get my life in order.  Literally.

1976-1978 • Belton

1978-1980 • Schonaich

1980-1985 • Fort Knox

1985-1989 • Erlangen

1989-1995 • Belton

Here’s where the photos get sketchy, because I don’t have a scanner and photos of photos don’t rock. But this one was worth it… Bonfire 1996.  Did the over-sized flannel give it away?  My favorite photo ever.

In 1995, I packed up my little maroon (garnet) s10 pickup and headed 90 miles down Highway 6 to College Station, Texas and Texas A&M University.

I entered as a BioMed major, determined to be a pediatrician.  My life quickly altered course when I pulled a 1.91 GPA after the first semester (Statistics & Probability, M/W/F, 8am, anyone? I’ll take “Classes Katie made a D in for $1000, Alex.”). It became obvious that my honors cords had not prepared me for actual test-taking in higher education, and my Belton High straight A’s would not be translating to the college scene.  

I switched Kinesiology with a focus in Outdoor Education, which- at A&M- was ropes courses.  I knew I could teach, but I knew I could not be inside.  It was a perfect fit.  My only regret is that my major did not include a teaching certificate.  I basically majored in awesomeness without any standard of recognition across the USA.  But, hey.  I was employed for 10 years in my field and that’s more than most can say.

My first dorm was Keathley (Northside) with potluck roommate Lisa who was dating Chris.  They both loved Jaegermeister.  Not a fantastic start to the living situation, but things quickly improved when Lisa graduated at semester and I pulled in Janna from a couple doors down.   Janna introduced me to Dave Matthews and naps, Steph, Erin, Christina, and every other awesome person I ever met that first year.

My sophomore year, Janna moved off-campus and I took a job as an RA on the first floor of Hobby Hall (also Northside).  My roommate was April, and Mandi lived down the hall.  Hi, Mandi!

My junior year, Mandi and I moved into the same apartment complex as Janna and the rest of the girls.  Our apartment was G4.  There was a pool and a playground.  I shared a room with Nicole who is now a prosecutor in Hillsboro… watch out.  Hi, Nicole!

My senior year, Mandi got married and Janna and Christina and eStephanie moved into G4 with me.

I worked at TAMU Outdoors for 3 years strapping canoes onto people’s Honda civics and selling climbing gear.

Eddy took me to my first dance party- for Ol’ Ags? Right?  Hi, Eddy!

I sang in a small gospel group called His Voice out of Central Baptist.

Lyle Lovett married Julia Roberts and lived down the road. Sometimes, they would go to Olive Garden.

I was a Young Life leader for Navasota High School.

Email was brand-spankin’ new… and weird.  I remember Heath setting up my account up and thinking, “when will I ever use this?”  I also remember that my handle was ‘cinderelly.’  Be kind.  I was young.


Absolute best time, best people of my life.

I worked my way back up from that 1.91 GPA to graduate with a 3.19 GPA.  My last semester was a mandatory internship, and I took a job teaching at the Camp Highland Outdoor Science School in Cherry Valley, California.

What did you major in?