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*sigh* This is perhaps the most boring post ever.

You missed us! Thank you for the sweet messages in our email box!!! Honestly, I missed you, too. It’s very strange, but I like this habit of mine. And I like you. Mwah! I was going to say that we are well, we are 99% healthy, we are chipper, we are funny and sweet and have bows in our hair… but my child is proving me wrong this morning with a fit to beat all.

The word here is meltdown.
S’ok. I’ve got nothin’ but time, Baby.

Look at that blurry face! Ry scored a fabric tunnel at the sale (see below). It was my ONLY purchase. I know. She was… um, very happy about it.

Things to tell you:

1. The Garage Sale of the Century in Z-Land was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it. They block off streets and bring in port-a-potties AND carnival corn dogs. It’s a teensy bit insane. ‘Our’ house, which was a combo of 4 ladies schtuff, brought in well over a grand in cash. One fam’s gettin’ a pool, one fam’s gettin’ some landscaping… it was a good two days. The Mulder fam brought in an even hundred, which is a good day’s work if you ask me. Someone can pay me a hundred bucks to sit and eat corn dogs and be a cashier any day. I’m available.

I do have a blanket apology to all you moms out there whose children flipped out when they saw the plethora of carnival headbands and bath toys and bats that light up. You moms who bought things for your tired children for a quarter… that was all my stuff from my goofy college care-package days, and I am so sorry to have added to the junk in your house. But, it’s literally out of my hands now and I can’t say I’m too sad about that.

2. Wednesday is the last day to participate in the Spreading of Joy event by buying from Thriftygoodness.etsy.com or Texasnorth.etsy.com – and thank you to all of you who already have. You rock steady.

3. The Coop is in process. I repeat, the COOP is in process. The base is currently sitting in the pole barn waiting for siding. But, given The Boy’s knack for detail, he chalked-lined the whole layout on top of the plywood. I spent an hour yesterday opening my pretend-door, walking in the pretend-storage area, doling out pretend-feed, and checking for pretend-eggs. It was fun. Really.

and finally,

4. I ordered all my plants and seeds. I’m scared, Friends. I’ve never put in my own honest-to-goodness garden before and I’m afraid I’ll kill everything by Day 2. Please send any advice or stories my way. I’ll take anything. Anything. I want to be a good Farm Girl so very, very badly. A rockin’ farm girl. *sigh* I’m super excited about the shasta viburnum I bought and planted yesterday. Huge lazy branches… happy white flowers… pretty from above (like, from my kitchen window). Sounds like a winner to me. Watch it die die die tomorrow.

***This post has been brought to you by the letters V and Z, as in- Verizon Wireless Aircard. Mmmhmmm… that means no more dial-up and no more landline phone. For the three of you that actually used our landline phone, you must cease and desist. It will be disconnected today because Mamma Mulder simplified the bills.***

coming Thursday:
better, more spicy, content
Thank you for your patience.