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celebration banners

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I wanted to make something really special. I plan to use it for all her special occasions in the years to come… kind of like that red “You are Special” plate we had in my home when I was little. One side says “Hurray for Rylie” while the other side alternates in coordinating fabrics. This blank side currently hangs in her room as decoration.

Your banner will be custom made with up to 15 flags displaying the phrase of your choice. You choose the basic colors and phrase. Letters are all-caps and individually hand-cut. Flags are sewn together and then turned inside out. Fabric and hanging ‘tape’ are cut from from recycled clothing, sheets, and new cotton. All fabrics will coordinate, but not all fabrics will be the same unless specifically requested.

This would be a spectacular gift for a new mom from some of her favorite people- or perhaps sisters jockeying for ‘best aunt’. This is truly an heirloom gift for any occasion that will last for years and years.

Length, including hanging loops, is approximately 12 feet.

::some possibilities::
It’s a special day!
We love ______
Hurray for _____
Happy Birthday!
You are amazing!
Merry Christmas!
Hip Hip Hooray!

There is a charge of $2 for each extra flag over 15.
Please allow 2 weeks, if possible, for fabric collection and assembly.
Exceptions are absolutely possible.

$55, including US shipping

I’d like my banner to say:


16 x 20 flat canvas

16×20 flat canvas, unframed
fabric, ink,
ephemera, and paint

These are a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baptisms, birthday… you name it. Once a general theme is chosen for the setting, the background is filled in using words or your choice: quotes from friends, Scripture, a favorite poem, or a rambling from me. All stages of this are approved by you, of course, before anything becomes permanent.

Each shape is hand-cut from fabric and secured to the canvas. Text is handwritten by me using archival ink. The completed canvas is coated with a light layer of Krylon ‘Preserve It’ protectant.

The 16×20 size is a standard size. You will find a wide selection of ready-made frames of this size at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby to match your canvas. Personally, I love the barnwood frames with these… they make it look handmade but clean.

$42, including US shipping

12×16 custom pillow

A perfect little pillow for cribs or travel or kindergarten nap time. Why not send your little (or not so little) one off with something from home to make the time a little sweeter?

Your pillowcase can be decorated with a name, a phrase, or an animal of choice (sunshine, or bees, or ladybugs, or a field of daisies, or stripes, or anything you can think of). Letters and/or shapes are heat-bonded and sewn on. The pillowcase closes with an envelope (overlapping) closure and decorative ties. The back is made from coordiating fabric and will match the front.

pillow insert included, 100% poly fill and machine washable
machine wash and dry, gentle
remove pillowcase from insert and turn inside out before washing

$25.00, which includes US shipping

I want my pillow to say:

contact with me any questions (absolutely)
katiemulder AT gmail DOT com