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• I’m re-reading Home to Woefield, by Susan Juby, right now. It was funny the first time, but not as funny as it is now. I don’t know if it’s having a few more farming years under my belt or simply reading a little slower these days, but that book makes me laugh so hard I cry. I just absolutely love it.

• I currently cannot lift my right arm up over my head. This has been going on – off and on – for a couple months now. I hope it’s due to my new habit of running so that I can officially quit. Although, that would also take me out of the running for a walk-on SWAT team membership, and I don’t know if I’m ready to give up on that dream quite yet.

• Yesterday, I walked out to the mailbox to put a check in for Monday’s mail. I was feeling good- it’s taken me over a month to write this check, get it in an envelope, and get it to the end of the driveway… but I was making it happen. CHECK. All was well until I turned around to head back and came face-to-buns with my middle child (known as GIDEON JAMES) standing atop a 5-ft. hay bale, “watering” the front lawn for all to see. But(t) still, the check is literally in the mail. I claim victory.

• As the recommendation of both my husband and a dear friend, I have just completed filling out paperwork to be tested for ADHD. Working through the many facets of learning and emotion with Ry have taught me that there are MANY sides to ADHD… and I’m thinking this road may have a few answers for me. I just assumed it meant you couldn’t sit still… and, lawd knows, I have no problem sitting still. My brain, on the other hand… hmmmm. I will say that filling out the questionnaire was humbling and annoying. This has been an intense year of self-discovery. I’m not afraid to open up a new chapter. Let’s get it all out there. Just take me out for ice cream afterwards.

• My children will not stop eating THESE. I call them Power Balls. Gideon repeatedly asks for RESCUE BALLS. I don’t correct him. This is reminding me to add more honey to the grocery list.

• I am a complete and total paper nerd. School supplies, journals, planners, rulers, SPECIAL PENS… these are my love language. I’ve been out of practice for a long time. It’s time to get my fingers working again. I did look long and hard at the Erin Condren cult of organization and there are a million things I like about it. Love the personalization options. Love the motivation factor of a pretty thing. But, I was afraid to spend the cash and then not use it to the max. And, while my goal is organization, I don’t want it to become another job I don’t do well around here. I went with an XL version of my trusty Moleskine book (HERE). It has the months and weeks already sectioned off and then… that’s it. I can color-code and list and sketch and washi-tape to my hearts desire. Simple, but effective. We shall see. I have a couple of months to get ready. P.S. LOVE this bullet-journal explanation by Randall Carroll HERE. Anything map or symbol or list re-lated makes my heart go pitter-patter.

• Speaking of planners, I’m still working out my meal planning muscles. I’ve spent a good chunk of time tracking down all my scraps of paper and family favorites and go-to internet recipes to get them all in one place, in one file on my computer. My goal is simply to print out these 40 or so recipes and have them in a binder I can refer to easily for grocery lists and meal-making. Right now, I power up the phone or computer to search for things each day and end up wasting time in inappropriate places… like sundancecatalog.com. Seriously. I need PAPER. HOWEVER. In my organzing/planner search, I came across this Plan To Eat system: it costs $40 per year and allows you to drag and drop recipes into a calendar, make grocery lists, and save recipes. It’s accessible from your computer and your phone. Does anyone out there use this? I am totally intrigued.

• So, we’ve talked about how I’m not a runner. I’m not, but I’m making it happen. ALSO, I joined the good, old-fashioned Y. As in, to the MCA. Curt and a friend have committed to working out at least once a week… and the wives wanted in on some of that “rest but work” time… so we’re all in. Right now, that looks like me taking Abby and Gideon to the gym twice a week for 2 hours. Gideon and Abby play in a room with a rock climbing wall and I go do yoga or pilates. Sometimes I fall down in yoga. But, hey. Sometimes, the old man behind me walks in, unrolls his mat, tightens his hoody over his face, and then sleeps for an hour, SO I AM WINNING. Membership was worth it simply to get Abby’s photo taken.

Every day, I laugh.


• Today is school picture day. I had to bribe Gideon not to wear his astronaut costume and convince Rylie that washing her hair was essential.

That is all, and that is enough.


What are you making for dinner tonight?