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good times

I squeezed myself into a pair of snow pants this weekend… they were definitely a size too small BUT full of good memories.  Look at what I found still attached to the pocket:

my lift tag from way back when Curtis James and I got engagedlift ticket

I get all dreamy-eyed and happy when I remember that trip. And, a little mad. The boy owes me some hot chocolate.  Finding that gem made the difficult breathing all afternoon worth it. Man, I was a lot smaller in those days.  And, apparently, shorter.

Plus, seeing these faces didn’t hurt:

my loves collage

Abby was fairly under-whelmed by the whole ordeal, as you can see. Gideon spent most of his day falling in the stream at the bottom or making snow angels- face down. Ry was a master on her zipfy sled*… it was so fun to watch her take off on her own.  There was once incident near the end involving some branches and her chin, but she came out alright.

Do I know how you got engaged? Share, please.

Hey!  Today’s your last day to put in an order for sweatshirts… I’m emailing the printer tomorrow 🙂

*zipfy sleds = can be found at Meijer or HERE. Super lightweight and great for kiddos (or adults) who want control but independence.  Both Gid and Ry have their own. They also work on sand dunes. Ask me how I know.