the herd


  TexasNorth is home to a small herd of registered Texas Longhorn cattle.

A Texas Aggie married a Michigan boy… both with a healthy love for the Old West and simple life. After a trip to Ft. Worth for a friend’s wedding, the Boy fell in love with longhorns and their history.  Throwing all college politics aside, the Girl agreed to become a co-partner in a small longhorn breeding program as long as it involved a red barn and very cute baby calves. Her Aggie Ring is worn at all times, and every calf is versed in Aggie tradition. 


• to find joy in the simple
• to be grateful stewards of the land
• to raise healthy and happy animals, whether for food or company
• to glorify God in the process

The farm has an open-door policy for those needing a break from ‘regular’ life. The hay wagon has been known to carry riders rain or shine. The hayloft is fit for camping, the back forty is perfect for hiking and campfires, and there are always a few projects that can use extra hands of help.  Come on over!