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Happy Happy Day

Ry turned four right around Thanksgiving and I never got a chance to tell you…

that she sang “Happy Day” to herself all day (week?) long

that she got a riding helmet

that she blew out all her candles in one breath

that she weighs 32 pounds soaking wet and is 36+ inches tall

that she eats frosted mini-wheats every. morning. for breakfast

that she carries Little Baby (now held together with white duct tape) with her everywhere she goes

that she always puts her shoes on the correct feet

that she rarely finishes a meal, and by rarely I mean never

that she has unbelievable maternal tendencies

that she babbles and sings herself to sleep

that she is addicted to books

that she was an angel in this year’s children’s Christmas program and waved at us the whole time

that she still naps in the afternoon at least 3 times a week

that I made her a crown so she could be a princess on her birthday… and any other day

and I made one for you, too

Just say hello today in the comments and tell me about your most memorable birthday gift.¬† I’ll announce a winner on Monday.¬†

Happy Happy Day to you!


:: housekeeping ::

1.¬† I think (and that’s a broad statement these days) I have contacted/mailed out all silly little Thank You gifts for anyone who donated $$$ to relief in Haiti.¬† If you have not received your little package, it’s almost surely my fault and please do not hesitate to tell me.¬† My brain- it’s not so good these days.

2.¬† All pre-ordered TexasNorth hoodies have been mailed, paid for, and received.¬† I ordered a few extra in case of sizing trouble and¬†have¬†ONE¬†HEADS¬†(bottom logo)¬†in an adult¬†medium left over.¬† If you feel like it needs to live¬†with you, ($30 includes shipping), gimme a holler and I’ll mail¬†it out: katiemulder¬†AT gmail DOT com

3.¬† I also have some blank toddler hoodies that I bought- navy blue, Rabbit Skins brand– and have been screen printing¬†myself.¬† These are $18 with shipping or $15 without.¬† If your kiddo needs a Spring sweatshirt with pockets, I’ve got¬† SIZE 2 =1¬†; SIZE 4 = 2; SIZE 5/6¬†= 2.¬† All kiddo sweatshirts get¬†the TAILS logo. ¬†Here’s a picture of Ry wearing hers.¬†¬†

blah blah blah

So, our neighbors are our age and have a girl, Kendall,¬†a year younger than Ry.¬† They also just had a little boy on New Year’s Eve…¬†everyone say Hi to¬†Dylan.¬† We have been so blessed by all¬†of our neighbors out here on Montcam Avenue, but especially Dave and Karen.¬† We play when it’s nice, they bring pizza over when it’s not nice, Dave can help Curt move heavy things when I am beached on the couch.¬† Ry is smitten with Dylan. It’s so incredibly sweet and gives me great hope for the¬†what’s coming in 2 weeks. We are, however,¬†very concerned that SuperKid will be a boy and he and Dylan will burn down our barn.¬† Actually, we’re kind of expecting it.¬†¬†¬† God Bless neighbors.

Last week, I got an email from Lia who was headed cross-country and needed a place to crash.  Lia is an old friend (um, almost 10 years now?) from Young Life and rocks the Denver area finding petroleum for America.  She was in town for about 36 hours in which we dragged her to preschool, fed her at Camp Roger with a bunch of hilarious strangers, and taught her to drive the FarmAll M. My child, who is wary of strangers until they prove themselves, allowed Lia to bury her in snow.  BURY HER IN SNOW. 

Some people are just cool, and they need no Toddler Adjustment Time.  Way to be, Lia. God Bless old friends.

Do you remember your favorite Do No Wrong Person as a kid?

Monday, Monday

Ladies and the one or two gentlemen:

I need some advice: Ry is three.¬† She can’t talk and often screams to show excitement… this is really normal with kids in her situation.¬† She also cannot voice frustration.¬† Ry is a low-frustration kid, which is unusual and a total blessing, but when she does¬†get frustrated you better take cover.¬† This is fine.¬† I can deal with these adjustments to normal kid-ness.¬† BUT, she’s¬†hit the¬†stage where she will push or grab or want something simply because another child has it.¬† Sass.¬† I know this is a common stage, I just struggle with how to handle it in public.¬† Is there seriously a graceful way to handle an explosion?¬† Maybe I’m just looking to hear similar stories of children lying in Aisle 4 of Target, children grabbing something after you’ve told them NO, children sucker punching other kids… so I can feel normal ūüôā¬†

I need some prayer:¬†Ry has a consultation appointment with Spectrum Hospital’s speech program on Wednesday… just for a 2nd (80th?) opinion on her apraxia.¬† Since she started special pre-school in October, we’ve not noticed a major degree of change in her verbal speech.¬†¬†We can tell that socially and physically school is lovely for her.¬† BUT, before SuperKid gets here we thought we’d try another avenue¬†for some supplemental information. We’re hoping for “yes, looking good, school is good, extra therapy will help, she’ll talk in time” not “wow… she’s really different… we’ll just have to wait and see.”

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I kicked some booty in the sewing department and finished the Random Gift of Kindness Owls as well as a baby pillow (Chels, I finally cut into that fabulous fabric.  I nearly cried).  My time for projects is winding down, so I am trying to wrap up my orders before I have zero control over my time.

Sunday’s¬†Hollings came early!!!¬† Don’t be talkin’ to SuperKid… I need the rest of this month, Kiddo.¬† But, congratulations and much love to the Grant family.

My baby has a fever!¬†¬† This is so unlike her, but Ry is sporting a 101.7¬į fever and an attitude to go with it.¬† It’s really something.¬† Really. Something. I shall now¬†go and be the mom that brushes the hair off of rosy cheeks and makes the sick bed on the couch with lots of pillows.

Mwah.  Love to you all.

I love you.

No, seriously.

It’s what everyone is talking about these days… Valentine’s Day.¬† I’ve always been conflicted about this day… possibly because of the lack of romance in my younger life and largly because I don’t think red and pink go together.¬† BUT, having a 3 year-old in preschool with parties and teachers and friends will make you tow the line a bit.

I didn’t make Ry a Halloween costume.¬† I didn’t document her life at Olan Mills at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.¬† I’ve never¬†plopped her on Santa’s lap.¬† I figure the least I can do is make her some Valentines… even though it’s *sigh* not quite my thing.

Funny thing is, the more I worked on them the more¬†I realized this is totally a Katie Thing. It’s the designated day that bugs.¬† Random goofy cards? Presents for no reason?¬† Candy?¬† Care packages?¬† This was Katie¬†5 years ago… before dinner at 6pm and chickens and pregnancy and grown-up life.¬† Where did that Katie go?¬† Oh, wait.¬† She’s locked in her chicken coop.

SO.¬† I declare that the Random Gift of Kindness shall return.¬† It shall show up on your child’s pillow, waiting for a laugh after school.¬† It shall show up on your neighbor’s porch stoop, to brighten the Winter blahs.¬† It shall fly across the country for no other reason than to say, “Hi. I like you.”

I made some things for you.¬† Please be kind.¬† They’re meant to be simple and small and silly.¬† Here are your¬†options:

1. Fish with the note: I’m hooked on you.¬† Fish also comes with its own fishing pole (read: small stick). Due to the very nature of fishing, your fish color will be a surprise.

2. Chicken with the note: I’d cross the road for you. OR I love you a bushel and a peck. Due to the¬†sassy-ness that defines chickens, your chicken’s feather colors will be a surprise.

and, coming soon:

3. Birdie with the note: You’re tweet.

4. Owl with the note: Owl like/love you forever.

Each is hand-drawn, hand-cut, and hand-stuffed. All come specially gift-wrapped and ready to give.¬† Any day, any occasion.¬†¬†¬†It’s time to make people smile again.¬†

* * * * *

Here is Ry… doing her own photo shoot with Little Baby.¬† I wish you could have all been there.¬† It was¬†quite the ordeal.

Have a great weekend, Folks!

[silly gifts can be purchased in the TexasNorth etsy shop]

knit market bag

These bags are quickly becoming indispensable around our house. I have one in the car with library books. I have one on the counter with veggie-stand produce. Another is holding apples from our latest adventure. Rylie’s two baby dolls are currently living in the medium version. A small version is in the works… and it will be perfect for separating veggies from the rest of your groceries on your trips to the grocery store. It’s time to kill all those useless plastic veggie bags, eh?

The large (white and red in the photo) bag can easily hold up to 15 pounds of *stuff*. The medium (multi-colored in photo) holds up to 10 pounds comfortably. The small (not pictured) has not been weight tested.

Each bag is hand-knit by me with a drop-stitch pattern in cotton or acrylic. Bags are machine wash and dry. Are you kidding me? Of course they are.
Choose your size below. If you have a dying wish color preference, certainly email me [katiemulder AT gmail DOT com]. I’ll do my best. Color options and availability will change a lot, so be flexible!


small $12.00medium $15.00large $18.00

everyday dresses

Oh, how I love these faux-smocked dresses. They seem to be everywhere these days… and that’s because they’re light, they’re comfortable, and they make you feel so very pretty.

Dresses and tops are made with one simple measurement. Take a tape measure and measure under your arms and over the fullest part of your chest. Pretend you’re wrapping a towel around yourself. If you’ve got a squirrel-y kid, like me, use a string and then lay that string down next to a ruler. Now, we’re talkin’ about elastic here… no need to be unbelievably precise. Don’t ruin your day by trying to wrangle your child into submission. Read your number as best you can and call it good.

Kiddo dresses easily double as tops the next year. These tops can be all-season wear simply by adding a long sleeve tee underneath. The inside seam is hidden… so no rough edges and no fraying in the washing machine. Edges, depending on the fabric, are rolled with a zig-zag stitch or flat-hemmed.

Along with your measurement, you’ll email me [katiemulder AT gmail DOT com] your color preferences, if any. If you’d like a pocket or contrasting straps, that’s a good time to tell me as well.

kiddo top/dress $17.00adult top $23.00adult dress $30.00

celebration banners

For my daughter’s 1st birthday, I wanted to make something really special. I plan to use it for all her special occasions in the years to come… kind of like that red “You are Special” plate we had in my home when I was little. One side says “Hurray for Rylie” while the other side alternates in coordinating fabrics. This blank side currently hangs in her room as decoration.

Your banner will be custom made with up to 15 flags displaying the phrase of your choice. You choose the basic colors and phrase. Letters are all-caps and individually hand-cut. Flags are sewn together and then turned inside out. Fabric and hanging ‘tape’ are cut from from recycled clothing, sheets, and new cotton. All fabrics will coordinate, but not all fabrics will be the same unless specifically requested.

This would be a spectacular gift for a new mom from some of her favorite people- or perhaps sisters jockeying for ‘best aunt’. This is truly an heirloom gift for any occasion that will last for years and years.

Length, including hanging loops, is approximately 12 feet.

::some possibilities::
It’s a special day!
We love ______
Hurray for _____
Happy Birthday!
You are amazing!
Merry Christmas!
Hip Hip Hooray!

There is a charge of $2 for each extra flag over 15.
Please allow 2 weeks, if possible, for fabric collection and assembly.
Exceptions are absolutely possible.

$55, including US shipping

I’d like my banner to say:

16 x 20 flat canvas

16×20 flat canvas, unframed
fabric, ink,
ephemera, and paint

These are a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baptisms, birthday… you name it. Once a general theme is chosen for the setting, the background is filled in using words or your choice: quotes from friends, Scripture, a favorite poem, or a rambling from me. All stages of this are approved by you, of course, before anything becomes permanent.

Each shape is hand-cut from fabric and secured to the canvas. Text is handwritten by me using archival ink. The completed canvas is coated with a light layer of Krylon ‘Preserve It’ protectant.

The 16×20 size is a standard size. You will find a wide selection of ready-made frames of this size at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby to match your canvas. Personally, I love the barnwood frames with these… they make it look handmade but clean.

$42, including US shipping

12×16 custom pillow

A perfect little pillow for cribs or travel or kindergarten nap time. Why not send your little (or not so little) one off with something from home to make the time a little sweeter?

Your pillowcase can be decorated with a name, a phrase, or an animal of choice (sunshine, or bees, or ladybugs, or a field of daisies, or stripes, or anything you can think of). Letters and/or shapes are heat-bonded and sewn on. The pillowcase closes with an envelope (overlapping) closure and decorative ties. The back is made from coordiating fabric and will match the front.

pillow insert included, 100% poly fill and machine washable
machine wash and dry, gentle
remove pillowcase from insert and turn inside out before washing

$25.00, which includes US shipping

I want my pillow to say:

contact with me any questions (absolutely)
katiemulder AT gmail DOT com