fly me to the moon

Honest truth?  Last week was bad.  Dark and deep and lonely and I had to crawl my way out.  Rylie’s insurance appeal was denied.  Again.  Because insurance is dumb.  We had to leave music class/therapy early.  Again.  Because she was losing her mind.  I let her open the Oreos in the grocery store.  Again.  Because I had nothing left in the tank.  No Super Mom juice.  No nothin’.  And to top it all off we were ALL snot-nosed, sore throat sick.  Not pretty, Folks.  Not. Pretty. 

To avoid being a headline story on the news, I threw a $3 unsanctioned purchase in the shopping cart for my girl.  Something that’s messy and small and a pain in the rear… but it was so much fun.  It’s actually been amazing for her fingers… pushing and pinching and patting and stacking.  These are all things she works on daily in fine motor therapy… but how much more fun is it to work when your tools are red and smooshy?  Yesser.

It bought me 30 minutes of non-cling time.  Had I known it had these magical powers, I would have paid $10.  Honestly.  Nothing entertains this child for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Not tv.  Not dirt.  Not candy.  But moon sand does.

A sanity tip for you skeptics out there: use a jelly roll pan (a cookie sheet with low sides) or a griddle pan.  This keeps the sand off your table and contained.  We also used an old postcard for a scraper to repeatedly bring all the sand back to its pile… this worked great.

It comes in lots of colors.  It stores in its own container.  It never dries out.  It’s pretty awesome. 

It lives on top of the fridge.  And when it’s 4pm and the day will. not. end. I grab the little bowl and the griddle and I watch her face light up.  Three bucks, people.  30 minutes of sanity is worth a little broom action in the end.

We shop at Meijer.  It’s like everyone else’s Super WalMart but is a mostly Michigan-only thing.  Where do you shop?   


*TexasNorth was not paid or compensated for this review. 


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17 responses to “fly me to the moon

  • regina

    Bless your heart! I’m sorry the week was so bad! Thankfully, you found a little relief. I hope this week is better!!!

    We shop at Wal-Mart (far more frequently than we should).

  • Heather Brand

    Praying for you girl. I’ve been there too and they aren’t pretty. I have had a lot of them lately with Audrey and blood sugars. I hope this week is better. ((hugs))

  • Chris

    Good luck with everything… I really hope this week is better for all of you!

    In other news, you’ll be happy to know that I have made my first chicken pot pies! Two in the freezer and one for today. They are cute cute cute, so I hope they are also tasty. I used peas instead of celery (didn’t have it and also don’t like it as much as peas) so we’ll see. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe! I’ll have to send you a photo if my crust turns out pretty.

  • Jessica

    My blog roll said you had not blogged in 2 years. For some reason i ddint believe it.

    WOW. Thanks for the tip. I will have to remember this one. I too dont mind the clean up if it entertains them for a few MORE minutes. Wyatts new thing has been tinker toys. Talk about mess too!!!! Praying for ya mama. Some days are tough but we get through them and it onlye gets better. After reading you last post I felt like you were readingmy mind at times my Rylie goes through the same emotions. It probably wouldnt matter if she was special needs or not. At almost four, they just scream sometimes……ugh…you’d be going through it either way. 🙂

  • Margie

    Love reading about solutions to the bad, the difficult, the unending. And I might just venture out for Moon Sand. Sorry for the hard, hard week. I feel ya. And we’re WM people – it works best on a budget, and it’s close. Secret: Shop in the morning. Very, very do-able then.

  • Susannah

    hallelujah for small mercies. moon sand. i’ll have to remember that one. hope that this week is much much better…

  • ecky

    i didnt think it was possible to be in the grocery store with a small child without opening SOMETHING! we eat our way through the store – it’s a given. pregnant mommy sometimes needs a treat as well ; )

    moon sand sounds awesome. made my own play-doh this weekend. it was so easy and lasts a long time too. just add water when it gets hard and it re-play-doh-izes.

    you should try it!!!

  • Cortney

    Oh, girl. It has been a season of hard weeks. But I see sunshine on the horizon…

    Matt and I often wander into the toy section when we’re at Target, mostly to feed his inner 12 year old boy so he doesn’t drive me crazy. And I secretly lust after a tub of moon sand. It’s a difficult purchase to justify, even at $3, when you don’t have kids. 😉

    Lately I’ve been doing my shopping at the Super Kroger (it IS super, I bought a painting on clearance there last week–then I had to do all my grocery shopping with a painting in my buggy, but still…). There is a Food City (local ETenn thing) about 2 miles from the house that serves as my emergency, just needed milk, it’s right on the way home store. And occasionally, when I know I have to go there to get a prescription filled anyway, I’ll hit up the Super Target. Apparently, I have no loyalty…

  • beckyswann

    I love it, we have all been there and we all need to be sharing our moon sand tricks! No one is super mom not even me all the time hahaha
    Target Target Target! oh and Ingles for boring things like groceries

  • MC

    wow- Mooooon saaaaaand!!! I like the looks of it. I think I might go get myself some. Harper’s too little, but I would have lotsa fun!

    The other day I got cabin fever and I wanted to go to Target so I packed up the baby and drove a whole hour and twenty minutes to our nearest one. I try to keep telling myself it is good for me to live far far away from any good stores…but I secretly keep hoping we’ll get a Target one day. Your store sounds neat!

  • Heather E.

    Meijer. And Costco. And Kingma’s and Saffron’s and D&W and occasionally Harvest Health. We’re not exclusive. Whatever’s convenient a the moment 🙂
    And moon sand! Love it!! Bought it and silly putty (remember in the plastic egg?) for Asher to play with when others play with play-doh. He calls them his “gluten free play-dohs”.
    Love you friend. Hope this is a better week.

  • Mandi

    Yay for sanity savers! Hang in there, Friend! I’m pulling for you!

  • LoLo

    You have inspired me to consider getting the Moon Sand off the top closet shelf and (insert grimace) let my kids play with it. Not sure still if my OCD/AR self can handle it without hyperventilation, but maybe it’s worth a try in that moment of desperation. A friend of mine, who knows me well, gave some to G as a birthday gift, for a JOKE. She said the price was worth it just to see my reaction when he opened it up. Yep, it went straight to the top of the closet never to be seen again. The weather is still nice here, maybe I’ll compromise and let them give it a try outside. Like you said, it could be worth it, if it’ll buy 30 minutes of sanity.
    When I go to the store (w/ or w/o kids) everyone gets to open one thing and eat it right away, and nobody has to share. Eating while shopping is perfectly acceptable in my book.

  • Carley

    We’ve never played with Moon Sand at our house. Maybe I’ll have to look into that….
    Sorry your week was hard. Praying that this week is better for you.
    I shop Walmart every week. But my heart belongs to Target… if only it wasn’t an hour away… = (

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    oh man i feel for you about your week. I feel like we have the week about every other. The joys of being a mom. I like the moon sand trick!

  • Carin

    I have been meaning to buy some moon sand since our little outing to your house this summer–my interest has been renewed and I will try to find some this week but sadly, there is are no Meijer’s north of the border….so I shop at Superstore here in Canada and thankfully, I am still able to drop $150 there every week (but it isn’t as fun as shopping at Meijer’s)

  • Miss Laura

    Moon Sand is fantastic. I’m sure that’s perfect for Rylie. When I was a kid my mom opened up a box of Barnum’s animal crackers for my brother and I and paid for the empty boxes at the front of the store – every time. And we turned out okay. Don’t sweat it 🙂

    Oh, and Meijer. Obviously. It is SO much better than Super Wal-Mart! (But yes, that’s probably the best comparison for those outside of the great lakes region!)

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