I learned about napping from my college roommate, who would turn on Sarah low and crawl under her covers after an 8am class. 

When I got married and moved in with The Boy, Sunday naps became a regular thing.  In fact, I think most of West Michigan shuts down after Sunday family dinners as people claim couches and cribs for a little respite.

When I was pregnant with Rylie, I slept more than I was awake. 

I love to nap.  I love to steal just a little bit of time… maybe when both kids are sleeping (what?) or occupied with Dad… and simply rest. I am a nicer person for it.  Or, at least quieter.

The pretty, hand-embroidered pillows make the dreams a little sweeter. 

Matthew chapter 11, verse 28 • Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Take some time… to breathe, to be quiet, to sit back, to rest.  This world is heavy and often unkind.  Even the strongest grow weak under the weight of their work. 

Pull down the comforter,

turn off your phone,

 and rest.

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21 responses to “rest

  • Amy B.

    I’m a napper, too. Gideon may be slowly outgrowing his, but I’ve yet to outgrow mine, especially now that my body’s in the baby-making business again. God bless all the pregnant women out there who do not have the freedom to take a midday nap. It’s a luxury I’m humbly thankful for.

  • Nancy Lee

    Oh…I am not a napper..I get crabby AFTER the nap..But I do love to sit quietly and read or hand stitch with no radio, no tv, no phone…just the birds and the dog…

  • amanda {the habit of being}

    i’m not a napper. even if i’m woefully exhausted, even the shortest nap means i’ll have trouble falling asleep that night. when i was pregnant with the red bean (the eldest) i slept unbelievable amounts – i had never known that kind of exhaustion before. and then three babies later and i don’t think there was ever a nap. it drives my nap-lovin’ husband crazy that i can’t nap but i find it just as restful to spend some quiet time with a book. rest is good, no matter how you get it!

  • susannah

    you are speaking my language. i love a good nap, and it is my constant quest to coordinate the two nappers in my family so that i can squeeze one in too. but you are absolutely right: the sunday afternoon nap is the best. i find i nap best during the second and third quarters of a football game 😀

  • Kim Aguilar

    Rest is a beautiful thing. And the pillows are gorgeous. Wow. I would be afraid of drooling. 🙂

  • Amy L

    This part Friday Kyan received strict instructions to be quiet because this Momma needed a nap.
    I LOVE to nap. It can be a little hard getting up after those long afternoon naps but I love the ability to fall asleep for a few minutes and regain my composure and energy for the mile long list waiting when I get up!

  • Margie

    I think if I could nap I would believe the world a better place. But I’ve always struggled against naps, and haven’t ever insisted my girls nap (except when they were younger and their naps made life immeasurably more smooth). I envy you, Katie. I’m sure that’s why you’re a happy, happy person.

  • janna

    that picture of rylie is amazing. love it! and i could go for a nap right about now…

  • Claire

    The pillow is soooo pretty. Did you embroider it?

    • texasnorth

      Alas, I did not. It (and its identical twin) was a very lucky find at an estate sale around the corner. I always get to those things after all the sewing stuff and linens are gone… but these were in a pile and had my name on them 🙂

  • tumbledweeds

    Thank you for the reminder, and often permission needed, to rest! Praying that you experience rest in the fullest.

  • MC

    Ahhh. I love it. When Harper was napping twice a day, I would use one to get stuff done and the other to nap. Now she takes one. Nothing ever really gets done anyway, so I think I will nap with her tomorrow, you know, to honor your post, reminding me of that same sweet thing right after the 8am classes in college. Have a great week!

  • Amy

    I have hand embroidered pillow cases from my Granny (now 95, still kickin’ and living on her own)!! I LOVE them. Reminds me of the ones in your photo. Priceless.

  • Megan at SortaCrunchy

    That pillow is making me swoon a little bit. So gorgeous.

    I used to be a great napper before motherhood. Now I am so selfish with downtime. But you are so right – rest is needed . . . for all of us.

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