from there to here

kindergartenIn August, you started here: You were five. You had long, plaited hair and two missing front teeth. You rode a yellow bus every morning at 7:10am and you packed a lunch. You got milk every day at snack time and you played at recess with Mrs. Jen (your aide) close by.

In June, you finished here: You are six. You have short, chin-length hair and two missing eye teeth. You tried hot-lunch for half the week and home-lunch the other half, and that was lovely. You still rode the little yellow bus at 7:10am- Daddy took you nearly every time to the bus stop 4 minutes from home. You no longer needed Mrs. Jen to accompany you to recess.

You can count to 10. You can spell your first name. You can write any letter in the alphabet on command, upper and lower case. You met all of your Occupational Therapy goals and about 90% of your Speech goals this year. Girl, you are on FIRE. You loved school, you loved working, you loved being with friends every day. Your body is showing us that it likes to work work hard and that you can DO this school thing. It will be a lot of work, but your school is behind you 100 percent.

We paid for that hard work and progress with a lot of tears at home. Your body was so exhausted every day after putting in 6 and 8 hours of work. It was so hard to see you fall apart, to watch you sink… but to hear you talk now, Child. It is glorious. You can repeat so. many. things. now, Ry. You can SAY so many new things spontaneously. It’s remarkable. Your body is starting to work together, slowly but surely. It’s a roller coaster of a ride, this whole thing.

We’re trying some medicine. This was a hard, hard, hard decision for us… one we just came to about 2 weeks ago. We’ve always treated your apraxia through therapy… and while it was suggested when you were only 4 to try some medication in addition to therapy, we opted to wait. Everything was so new then, and we wanted to tackle one thing at a time. Now that school will be full-time and extended FOCUS is so important, we’re working with a doctor who’s helping us monitor you using a small dose of a non-stimulant that will hopefully increase executive function (focus) and decrease anxiety. I tell you this only so you know it’s only one piece in a large puzzle of options and ideas for you: riding therapy and speech therapy and medicine and down-time and lots of sleep and multi-vitamins and Oreo cookies.

We’re figuring it our, Ry, one step at time. You are a champion of effort with a killer smile and a dedicated helper. No one, not even your father, can match your work ethic… and that is really saying something. Ry, we are all so proud of you. Proud of your first year in school, proud of how you finished stronger and better than when you started, proud of the joy you take in learning.

May it ever be so.

Have a great summer, Kid.

Best Friends Forever.

2 good + 2B = 4gotten

Stay Cool.

last day of Kindergarten

Sign Ry’s ‘yearbook,’ won’t you? Leave her a message below and I’ll put it in her Kindergarten memory folder šŸ™‚



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24 responses to “from there to here

  • Cathy

    Rylie Girl, You Rock!! Congratulations on your achievements, you deserve them with all of your hard work. xoxo Dave & Cathy McGrath

  • Shanda

    So proud of you Rylie! Proud of your parents too. Thanks for letting yourself be taught. Thanks for teaching all of us so many things. Isn’t it so wonderful how God puts people together and uses all of us in each other’s lives? Keep on living for Him!

  • Miss Laura

    Rylie, you amaze all of us all the time, and your mom does such a good job bragging about you šŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing you this summer so I can hear all your new words! On to first grade!

  • Corrie

    Rylie, you are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work! You make your cousins in Ohio very proud to say we know and love you! Xoxo.

  • Dana L.

    Rylie Joy,
    Your braids melt my heart, your toothless grin is beautiful, your short haircut makes you look so grown up and your big girl teeth shine! Your mama is fantastic and your daddy is the best! I have been so blessed to be able to stay in your life, even if visits are few and far between! You hold a special place in my heart, FOREVER!
    Miss Dana

  • Jim B

    Way to go young lady. You ROCK

  • Noelle's Mom

    Rylie, you have been so brave this year! The things you have accomplished have not been easy, but with God’s help you have done them! Continue to look to Him for your strength, courage, and help in every situation you face. With that you can’t go wrong! Congrats sweetie.

  • Jean Akin

    Ry, you and I have never met, but your mom has shown me your pretty pictures and told me about what a hard-working, loving, sweet young lady you are. You have accomplished so much this year! It is so exciting! Congratulations!

  • Lisa P.

    Dear Rylie,
    I had a great time with you in our group during theme week. You are a very sweet little girl! I like your nice hugs. I hope you have a great summer.
    your friend, Emma Poquette

  • Laura McNemee (used to be Laura Ford)

    Rylie, you are AMAZING!!!!! My son is getting ready to start school this year and you are so inspiring to us! Rock on girl!

  • Maria D.

    You so totally ROCK! Hope to see u next year! xoxo -The Dodsons

  • Mandi Watts

    Way to go, Rylie!! So proud of all you accomplished this year in Kindergarden and looking forward to following you through all your school years. You are an amazing little girl!

    The Watts Family in Texas

  • Becky Little

    Dear Rylie,
    I am so proud of you! You are growing up so fast and I love the grown up hair-do! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you in school. Keep it up, kiddo! You’ll always have a special place in my heart and I love being able to watch you grow up, thanks to your momma. Have a great Summer – can I have a tour of the farm?
    Ms. Becky

  • Missy

    Dear Rylie,

    You don’t know me. But, oh, how much joy, pure JOY, you’ve brought to your mama and daddy. I know because they brag on you. Lots. And it’s been a pleasure to watch you achieve and succeed and keep trying. You keep on keepin’ on, girl!

    Missy P in New Hampster

  • cara maat

    you’re an inspiration rylie girl! rock. star. status.

  • Lia

    Thanks for all the good times sledding in the snow and stuff. I hope we can be friends for a really long time. Tell your mom to send you to come hang out with me and go skiing and biking. You Rock! -Tia Lia

  • Lis

    Way to go Ry! You are smart and sweet and have lots to say. I can’t wait to hear more of it, and to jump on the trampoline with you again. Have a great summer with the baby cows! See you soon lady.

  • Brenda B

    So Proud of you and all the work you have done! You are an awesome little girl who I miss seeing!! Your parents and siblings and anyone who has met you are sure blessed!
    It is exciting to watch you grow and I will have to come visit you this summer on the farm!!
    May you continue along His journey!!
    Miss you tons!
    Miss Brenda. šŸ™‚

  • Shelly V.

    Rylie – I have never met you but you inspire me. And remind me what is really important in this life. And that’s not something people can say about everyone. You are a gift.

  • Amy L

    Ry you’ve had an awesome year. Your report card says so. Here’s a big HIGH-FIVE to rocking kindergarten. You are now a first grader! Keep up the hard work.

  • Kalee G. (Mrs. G)

    Rylie Girl,

    You ROCKED Kindergarten! You faced each day with a smile and brought so much joy and laughter to the classroom! Be you sweet girl, be you.

    First grade here we come!

    Mrs. G

  • Becky Werdon

    Rylie, it has been so much fun to watch you grow this year at RCS! You are so amazing kiddo! We are so blessed to have you and your family at our school. Have a great summer. You are going to LOVE 1st grade!!! You’ll love 3rd grade too but we’ll get to that later…can’t wait!
    Mrs. Werdon

  • Heather

    Rylie we are so delighted in you! Since you were a baby I have marveled at your joy even through hard things and the light in your eyes. It is a privilege to be a witness to your adventures in school and life. Enjoy a beautiful summer with your awesome family!

  • Kim Aguilar

    Rylie! Congratulations! You are a first grader now and we know what a big deal that is at our house! Our little boy, Clark, is just your age and he just graduated from kindergarten too! It is so exciting to get big and strong and smart. Great job, sweet girl, and have a fun summer!

    p.s. for Katie: Have you all tried any essential oils? I just went to a class on Thursday (doTerra) and I’m going to try their supplements. They have blends like “Peaceful child” and “Serenity” that I’m wondering might help Rylie. At least to help keep her dosages low. It’s such a tough decision, but what I like about the oils is that they are 100% natural, from plants and flowers and fruits. I’ve used them on Clark when he’s had a tough time, and on myself. Seem to help us get over sicknesses faster/easier, but I’m going to be more diligent about using them to see if I can overcome my anxiety/depression/inability to lose weight/crazy.

    And by the way, you are looking fabulous. How are you losing your baby weight? Share your secret?

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